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Complete Interior for Mr. Arun Bhalla Ji

We will remember this work throughout our life. There are very few clients who can spend freely. And with that, they have a good idea of ​​where to spend. With Varun ji, we did not have to do much brainstorming. The most difficult was to catch their taste and live up to their expectation. By doing this work, our level only increased.

Kids Room Wooden Furniture Design
We designed this special Hut shaped Wardrobe with Study Table. All Laminate is 1mm Gloss with Complete Wooden Framing


Low Height Bed with Complete Wooden Backdrop and Melamine Polish
Low Height Wooden Bed with Polished Wall Paneling upto Ceiling Height


Ireland Counter Top with PU Paint Finish
Complete Kitchen with Hafele and Hettich Fittings. Base Material Solid Wood Frame & 710 Grade Waterproof Ply.


Complete Modular Kitchen with Hettich, Hafele and Peacock Fittings
Kitchen is the fantastic part of their home, This is our first Ireland Countertop we designed in this Villa, All fittings of Hafele and Hettich Brand with Peacock Hinges and all fitting is soft close.


Solid Wood Stair Design
We have provided precious Jeena Design in Solid wood with Polish


Every corner of this house has been specially designed, and most of the jungle wood has been used. The ceiling has pine sealing with polish.


We have done this work with full vigor and we are proud of this work. If you also want to do some work by joining us and want our service, then call us today.

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LED Board for Brahamastra Gym on Rajpur Road Dehradun

A friend of ours was doing some fabrication work for Bharat Khanna ji, he got us this job. This board is made at a very reasonable price, just what we wanted on Rajpur road. Meaning if you want something different, we will give it to you at a lower price. The size of this Brahamastra’s board is 16 feet wide and its height is 4 feet.

In this, the base material of Alex company has been installed, whose color is gloss white. In this, we also have a frame made by the Apollo company, and then all the acrylic work done in it, in which the letters are made, is all A-Cast.

In this, we have also used the lights of the high light company, in this we have installed about 500 modules. And it also has 2 power supplies. Its frame is made in this Wave shape by Faisal Bhai, who is our best quality fabricator. Its most difficult task was to reach it at a height of 15 feet. We reached it with great difficulty and then welded firmly. So that there will never be any problem in it.

We took 3 days to finish this job. We did it with our 100% commitment and delivered it on time. If you are looking for any special sign board in Dehradun or any exterior or interior work you may contact us. We will not disappoint you.

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Pooja Room Interior in Magnolia Villa Dehradun

This time again worked with the engineer and the experience remained the same. Her only demand was that she wanted the Om in orange color. And there wanted push technology drawers as you can see in the video.

They also wanted the cost of the temple in the budget, but their selection was best. He was our old client, so we started working in No Profit No Loss.

The best quality material was put in it. Action company HDHMR, WPC of Cobra company and Lights of Havells. You can see the partition on the side, how cute looks are coming. In this, Arch is also specially designed, which is done in 12 mm WPC.

In this, 18 inch channers have been used. After this you can see that the design is given well. The work of CNC machine has also been excellent. If you also want service of interior or architecture in Dehradun then you can call us. Our office is on Sahastradhara Road and we also do construction. For our ongoing project, you can see it on the going page on our website.

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Wooden Engraved Shelf Branding for Valley Culture

This brand will grow rapidly if its owners keep moving ahead with this passion. Both the team members came to me for branding for store. He had a sample photo of how he wanted it. He was talking about engraving in some wood. But he did not want to copy the style.

So we did something different, we saw their branding which was already going on and worked on the shape of their planks.

12mm fiber MDF board has been used to make it. Which belongs to the Action company. After that it was engraved with the 90 Degree tool from Prince Router Machine. 

After that it was natural polished by Asian Brand.
Valley Culture India’s Owner liked the job, it took a week to complete it, we tried with laser too but laser could not prove to be effective in it. We hope that this company touches the heights. 

If you are also interested in any such service related to interior design or branding then contact us. We also do portrait engravings in Dehradun, Click Here to See Our Work. 


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MS & TIN Roofing Shed in DEHRADUN ₹150 per sqft

Call Sumit Pundir @ +91-9997833350 for all your fabrication, interior and exterior requirements in Dehradun. Terrace, Roofing Sheet, Metal Sheds available in Dehradun at best price. We design complete steel and mild steel structure and all fabrication work is done under one roof on Sahastradhara Road at Dehradun. We provide commercial, residential and industrials fabrication services in all Uttarakhand, INDIA. Our basic specifications are Jindal Sheet in Metal and Apollo Mild Steel Frames. Below are the main shed designed for different locations in Dehradun.

Complete Fabrication Services
Call 9997833350, 8057235806.
Terrace, Roofing Sheet, Metal Sheds available in Dehradun at best price.
Call 9997833350, 8057235806.
Terrace, Roofing Sheet, Metal Sheds available in Dehradun at best price.
Call 9997833350, 8057235806.
Terrace, Roofing Sheet, Metal Sheds available in Dehradun at best price.


Call 9997833350, 8057235806.
Terrace, Roofing Sheet, Metal Sheds available in Dehradun at best price.


Continue reading MS & TIN Roofing Shed in DEHRADUN ₹150 per sqft

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December 2020 Miscellaneous Interior Projects in Dehradun

Right now the interior work is going on, so the final video which is not finished will be uploaded soon.

It had to reflect light from inside the stone of the counter, for which a lot of efforts had to be made. For this, we bought the best Nano white stone, which was a stone of range of Rs 550 per square feet, we got it from the Nautiyal Marble which is on GMS Road. It also has LED lights from Philips and below light which is showing at the bottom of the counter is of Havells. All light are warm white shade. This counter has become very grand, it is a different fun to lay hands on it, the light that is coming out making is so smart and classic. This special counter is made for Mr. Mandeep Chouhan owner of The Colony Cafe, Raipur, Dehradun.

We have made some specials in their LED board as well. You can see in the video that it has been made by mixing with many materials and the color shade which is also good and it is a good thing that the expenditure has come to only Rs. 20,000. We have used Surya LED, Alex ACP Sheet, Appollo MS Pipes, Havells Wire, Alex WPC Sheet, etc.

We have built this temple for our most special clients, they were connected to us long back. She has spent a total of Rs 40,000 to build this entire temple. In which the entire covering of WPC Sheet has been done by our team. For mandir we have provide two side boxes and main 5ft by 3ft Temple. All material used here is branded Hettich Fittings, Action Brand HDMR Water Proof Board, Black Cobra WPC Sheet with Hollow Look and Havells LED inside.

This too was a amazing task. worked in the client army, he has just retired and has built a villa in Dehradun. They wanted a Jaali/ Grid boundary wall, then we have done it by doing excellent work. We have used 12mm WPC Jali with MS Framing of 1 inch with 2ft by 2ft Grid.

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Special LED Board for Cakes & Flakes Race Course Dehradun!!!

We have created this board for Sahil Arora ji who has opened an outlet in Dehradun at Suri Chowk of Race Course.
The size of this board is 10 feet wide and 3 feet high. This board is made by cutting a white ACP sheet of Alex Brand whose color is white with CNC machine. This design can be called hollow LED Board Design.

The LED Modules used in it are from the Hi-Light company in bright white color. The power supply that has been used in this also belongs to the Hi-light company. An iron frame has been used in it. The color combination that has been made is made by vinyl paste on a transparent acrylic sheet which is printed from HP machine.

Its installation was the most difficult. It took a lot of effort to install it. It had to be fitted with aluminum L strip. Below are the complete material details used in this board:

  1. MS Frame Apollo 1″ Square
  2. Acrylic Transparent Sheet 2mm for Backside
  3. ACP Alex Brand White Color
  4. LED Modules Hi-Light Brand with Power Supply
  5. Printed translucent vinyl printed in required colors.
LED Board for Cakes and Shakes Race Course Dehradun
LED Board for Cakes Outlet in Race Course Dehradun
Light Front Sign Board in Branded Specifications
Light Front Sign Board in Branded Specifications
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Himalaya Natural Product Branding at Haridwar Road Dehradun

This work has been done for Mr. Lokmani, advocate by profession, they have started Himalaya Natural Products in Dehradun. Office is located on Haridwar Road. This work is finalized within minutes and we created and pasted these logo in 2 days. Logo is pasted on L-Patti of Aluminium for Strong Durability.

Material Details are:

  • 3mm Silver Acrylic for Himalaya Icon Brand A-Caste with 6mm Acrylic Transparent of same brand
  • Himalaya Text is made with 3mm Golden Mirror Alex Sheet with 1inch Raising Manually
  • Below Tagline text is 3mm Black Acrylic of A-Caste Brand pasted over 6mm Transparent Acrylic
  • Pasted with Aluminum L Patti for Durability

Cost of the total job is Rs. 6,000/- including all fixing and cutting work. Client was very good, if you are looking for the artificial grass work or your branding work in Dehradun feel free to call us. Thanks for your time.

Golden Alex Letters
Size 4ft x 3ft with 1inch Raising Fixing in process.
Himalaya Natural Products Logo in Silver and Golden Shade in Dehradun
Himalaya Icon pasted over 6mm Transparent Acrylic of A-Caste Brand
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Mountstrong Gym Branding in Dehradun!!!

Great People have great taste! This was revealed by working with Shashank and Ekta ji. His passion for his fitness center is really good. We did branding for them, in which all the wall paper, vinyl stickers, 3d painting on the back wall of the reception and LED board in front of them were all there.

Matte Finish Sponsored Branding by SN Nutrician on Gym
Matte Finish Sponsored Branding by Steadfast Nutrition on Gym
Hanuman Ji Poster on Gym Wall with Hanuman Chalisha
Hanuman Ji Poster on Gym Wall with Hanuman Chalisha
Digitally Printed Galaxy Wallpaper on Gym Wall
Digitally Printed Galaxy Wallpaper on Gym Wall

Huge Wallpaper on Gym Wall with Bricks Background Black Color Finish
Huge Wallpaper on Gym Wall with Bricks Background Black Color Finish
Complete Wall with Digital Vinyl Sticker with Weight Lifter Graphics
Complete Wall with Digital Vinyl Sticker with Weight Lifter Graphics: Printer HP Latex Printer Media Star Vinyl

In this, the most creative was who can see in his video made a 3D painting at the reception that how we converted Kailash Mountain into a creative painting, the credit for this clearly goes to Shashank Khanduri Ji.

If you also want to open a fitness center or any kind of commercial store in Dehradun, you can contact us for interior design and branding.