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Duco Painted LED TV Panel in Madhuban Enclave, Sahastradhara Road

Ashutosh ji is working in DRDO in Dehradun and a month ago we had built a temple in his house. Temple was built in WPC 12mm Material (Alex Black Cobra).

They needed a TV panel but the problem was the drawing room was small and the panel had to be put on window. The size of the panel was about 8 feet wide and 7 feet long. And his budget was only 25000 for this work which he had already told us.

We worked for this keeping the budget in mind, so that quality was also taken care of. It was made in MDF Action Tesa then painted duco Asian Paints. The finish of the paint was kept matte. The color white and teak was chosen after seeing the furniture that was made earlier in his house. It took a week to make it. He liked the design and was overjoyed after installing.

furniture transportation in progress by team
furniture transportation in progress by team


tv panel installed at home in dehradun

We designed the TV Panel by CNC Machine. The shape of Drawer and Teak Color Base and Shelf’s round corners was designed perfectly by CNC Router.

If you are looking for interior design service in Dehradun, you may contact us.

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Prefabrication in Uttarakhand

Doon Projects Design & Construction, one of Uttrakhand’s most reputable companies, provides exceptional interior design and construction services. Based in Dehradun, Uttrakhand, India, the company has been working proactively to deliver quality projects. The range of services extends from customized furniture to ceiling, modular kitchens, wall paneling, and front facade design. Whatever the problem, the company has all the solutions.

Ever heard of Prefabrication? If not, this article will help you learn everything you need to know.

What is Prefabrication?

Prefabrication is when all the structure parts are collected and arranged offsite in a manufacturing unit or a factory. Once fully assembled, these prefabricated assemblies and sub-assemblies are transported to the construction site, where the structure is to be built.

About Prefabricated Structures


In modern building practices, prefabricated structures are a boon. Compared to conventionally constructed structures, they save a tremendous amount of time, money, and materials.

Traditional construction methods require transporting materials such as bricks, stones, timber, cement, sand, steel, construction aggregate, etc., to the site. While in Prefabrication, only the foundations are built on-site, and all other components, such as wall sections, roofs, and floors, are made in a factory and bolted together on site. Prefabricated units are not limited to building construction and architecture but are also used extensively in the interior. It includes doors, windows, stairs, wall panels, floor panels, partitions, roof trusses, and entire buildings.

Benefits of Prefabrication

Before construction, we certainly think about many things, including gathering resources, labor, materials, etc. All of these factors can be pretty tiresome for you to manage. The most famous building technique today, Prefabrication, saves you the hassle of building from scratch. Besides being one of the most innovative construction methods, it has several other benefits, such as:

  • It is often less expensive to move sub-assemblies out of a factory than to move pre-produced resources to each location.
  • Provisioning resources on site can result in additional costs; the Prefabrication of assemblies can save costs by reducing the work on site.
  • Prefabrication minimizes the need to deploy many skilled workers to the site.
  • Using factory tools such as cranes, jigs, conveyors, hydraulic testers, shake tables, etc., results in faster, more accurate, and higher quality production.
  • Indoor factory environments help eliminate the most restrictive conditions, such as lack of water, power, exposure to a hazardous environment, and weather’s effects on production.
  • Factory production also promotes hassle-free, healthier, and safe construction practices.

Materials Used in Prefabrication

It is a myth that Prefab structures are made out of poor-quality materials. Prefabrication involves using the same materials as used in traditional building practices innovatively. Here is a list of some of the most widely used materials:

  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Recycled and reclaimed materials

With the help of the materials mentioned above, any component such as panels, roofs, walls, columns, beams, blocks, etc., can be manufactured. The only difference is that they are pre-casted.

Installation (brief)

The installation process of prefabricated structures is comparatively less complicated. It involves a few simple steps, namely:

1. Casting: 

It involves preparing precast structure parts in various shapes and sizes according to the requirements. E.g., For example, cement concrete is poured into a mold of the desired shape, and later a vibrator is used to avoid lumps, unwanted lines, or honeycombs inside. Wood panels are pre-casted using different tools, machines, and techniques.

2. Curing:

The casted components are further cured into a casting container. This ensures that the cement is adequately hydrated, controls moisture, humidity controlled, and a conducive temperature is maintained in cement concrete slabs. For various other materials, steps are taken accordingly.

3. Transportation:

After completion, all prefabricated parts are loaded onto large trucks and transported to the construction site.

4. Erection:

It is a process in which all components are assembled on-site with the help of cranes and skilled workers.

Reasons for the Growing Demand for Prefabrication

Prefabrication has seen significant growth in the commercial and residential sectors in recent years due to rapid infrastructure development, population growth, and urbanization. These days, people prefer prefab structures as they are affordable, time-saving, highly sustainable, and energy-efficient. Prefab houses have positively influenced the market. In addition, prefabricated construction offers strength to the structures, allowing buildings to withstand earthquakes.

Further, a few additional factors contribute to the market’s growing demand for prefabricated structures, such as:

  • Projects concerning the Mass Townships
  • A rise in the demand for branded designers
  • Rising opportunities in developing countries
  • Market expansion for prefabricated homes
  • Increased focus on the three pillars of profit, people, and planet

Uttarakhand and Prefabrication

Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful states in India. Crossed by the great Himalayas, Uttarakhand is known for its scenic beauty, climate, food, fun-loving people, and serene environment. The State is all about balance; In addition to development, people also care about nature. The recent development in Uttarakhand has resulted in the destruction of many forests and the depletion of enormous resources.

Most Uttarakhand regions are mountainous, making it challenging to carry construction practices; deploying materials and labor can be a huge task. Weather conditions also lead to many other issues, such as delays in construction and wastage of materials. Prefabrication could play a crucial role in helping the State develop sustainably. As mentioned in the article, Prefab construction practices will result in less consumption and more output. If we opt for Prefabrication, it will save us a lot of hassle, time, and resources.


In summary, it can be said that Prefabrication helps you to manage your project efficiently, cost-effectively, and sustainably. Also, modern building practices are likely to replace traditional building practices in the future. There are many reasons to choose prefab building practices for your home, and trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed. Contact a professional if you wish to avail prefabrication services. You can contact Doon Projects and Construction for areas in and around Uttarakhand.

Projects by Doon Projects and Construction

Doon Projects and Construction has done a considerable amount of work in Prefabrication. For better advancement in Uttarakhand, the company seeks to raise awareness and execute prefabricated projects.

Here’s a list of some of the most notable projects: Click here

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CNC Glazing Building Facade in Prem Nagar DEHRADUN

The new builders who are working in Dehradun really want to give something good. They are providing all the facilities at very low margin. And they know how important it is to have a good front elevation building. One such builder we have worked with in Prem Nagar is Arpit Jain doing property development in Dehradun through Arch Universal Pvt Ltd. He had made some builder floors in Prem Nagar, in which the architect had designed some front like it is visible in the image.

Purposed design for Prem Nagar Building Front Elevation
Purposed design for Prem Nagar Building Front Elevation

In this, 10 feet of glazing has come in front of all the floors in the center of the building. In this, the color of the mesh was white, then only Wood and Plastic Composite Sheet (WPC) was to be used. So that there is no need to paint it. In this we made a frame of 1.5 inch square pipe, whose grid size was kept 4 feet.

Iron Framing for Glazing Work in Dehradun
Iron Framing for Glazing Work in Dehradun

After that, with the help of self-screw, 18mm thick sheet was put on it, on which the design was made with the help of cnc machine. The opening size of the design was kept low in which nothing could enter. It took more time as the party had earlier confined it to the 3rd floor and later extended it up to the roof railing.

CNC Glazing Jali Work at Prem Nagar Dehradun
CNC Glazing Jali Work at Prem Nagar Dehradun

The work was done easily with the help of padding. Our main carpenter Faisal did this work. It cost a total of Rs 250 per square feet. If you also want any such front elevation then contact us.

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Metal LED Name Plate in Dehradun | +919997833350

We design elegant and classy Mild Steel (MS) 2mm Thick Name Plates with laser cut and duco painted.

Metal LED Name Plate in Dehradun, 2mm Thick Metal Sheet with Laser Cut
Metal LED Name Plate in Dehradun, 2mm Thick Metal Sheet with Laser Cut

Why Metal? 

  • The look of the exterior of the house matters a lot, so this plate not only strong but also classy look.
  • Its finish is matte, so it is not shiny, it does not look cheap.
  • Its installation is a bit tricky but it lasts for a long time.


  • It is 2mm prime category hot rolled mild steel sheets of TATA Steel that costs ₹200/square feet.
  • Laser cutting with oxygen with best finish on edges.
  • Crafted by experienced fabricators.
  • Painted with duco matte and rustic finish with high quality and premium paint finish.
  • Philips or Havels lights for elegant illumination.
  • Cost starts @ ₹3,000 for per plate. If lightning not required then starts at ₹2,000 per item.
LED Metal Plate with Backfire LED Style
LED Metal Plate with Backfire LED Style

Delivery Time:

  • This is antique work so its takes time.
  • Minimum 7 working days required for a single sign.
  • You may order online via Whatsapp 7060504666 on or visit our Dehradun, INDIA store.
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The OG Cafe Dehradun | Interior Design

Cafe Interior Design at Sahastradhara Road Dehradun
Cafe Interior Design at Sahastradhara Road Dehradun


Cafe owned by musicians, this tag suits this business. We designed few partitions, ceilings, light decors at this place. The thing that came out is the best, the taste of the boys has to be accepted. There are three to four boys, all have designed the space with great effort. In this our main task was to design the front glass door which is made in plain dark shade glass with iron framing in duco matte finish.

Wall Decoration at The OG Cafe Dehradun
Wall Decoration at The OG Cafe Dehradun
Metal Ceiling with Designer Lights at The OG Cafe Sahastradhara Road Dehradun
Metal Ceiling with Designer Lights at The OG Cafe Sahastradhara Road Dehradun

In this, we have also made a partition of bison board and made a metal ceiling on which the light is installed. The idea of ​​light was also given to them by our team, which they used very well. We hope that this restaurant will grow a lot if work is done with this hard work. Momos are with their 5 star rating, people around must try.

And feel free to call us for any interior work in Dehradun.

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False Ceiling in Dehradun | POP, Veener, Gypsum, PVC

Earlier, where ceiling was done according to the need, but now the ceiling has become a very important part of the interior design. Right now, two things are being used the most in sealing in Dehradun. If the budget is less then PVC panels and if the budget is right then POP. We use Delby company’s PVC panels for our ceiling projects and Sakarni company’s material if it is POP’s work.

If there is a wooden work, then we use Greenlam’s Veener on it and give a glossy or matte finish to it as per the requirement. The design is first liked from the reference image and then it is customized according to its space. If you also like any of these designs or on the internet, then Whatsapp us on 9997833350 and send us the location link of the place where your site is, then you will get its rates immediately.

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Miscellaneous Projects in September 2021

Mandir Designed for Ashutosh Saxena ji located at Madhuban Enclave, Sahastradhara Road Dehradun
Name plate designed for Deepak ji, Saraswati Vihar based client. Plate made in Golden SS 304 Grade.
2mm Mild Steel Laser Jali designed and installed at Atul Negi’s Villa located at Mandakini Vihar.
5mm gray shade plain glass of Modiguard Company has been used on 1.5inch square hollow pipe sections with Alstone Silicon.
Digital Black Vinyl on Tuffen Glass to make it more attractive. This has been done for Boutique located at Chakrata Road, Dehradun.
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Biggest LED Sign Pole for Restaurant in Dehradun


  1. Advance taken for material 70%.
  2. Next day material delivered on site.
  3. Side by side we started the ACP CNC work.
  4. On 3rd Day we completed the Fabrication work on site
  5. 4rth Day we installed the site with Hydra and our strong army.

We have made this work for a cloud kitchen located in Dharampur in Dehradun. Sardar ji had come to us with an idea that we will make the board by hanging it in the middle. But that board is not visible from both the sides, so we asked them to make a pole whose height will be 25 feet and it will be visible from both the sides. Then the work was done on the budget and the work started. We did a great job from our side.

Apollo’s 1-inch hollow pipe has been used to make it. And red oxide was treated on it. Later, a CNC cut design was applied to it. In which red color acrylic was installed from inside. After that many modules were installed in it and later it was closed from the back with black colored flex.

We used acp of ALEX Brand, frame of Apollo, light of Hi-Light Brand and acrylic of A-Cast Company. This is one year warranty product. If you are looking for sign of your business feel free to contact us.

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Customized CNC Exterior Jali for Front Elevation

CNC Front Elevation with 12mm WPC Fiber Jali waterproof material in white color. We provide modern designs, fully customized as your requirement. The WPC mesh that is visible here, we have installed it in a house located on Canal Road. This type of design takes a little more time, so its casting also comes less than normal. We also have our own team of fabrication, so we complete and give the project.


  1. Order finalised with 70% advance payment for material.
  2. Frame completed next day.
  3. Paint with Red-oxide completed on 3rd day.
  4. Jali installed on 5th Day.

In this, we also give paint along with primer, frame and paint will have to be charged separately, which will cost you from Rs 50 to Rs 150 per square feet, according to the need. The jali that is visible here has 4-foot squares in it, in which we have used a 1.5-inch Apollo company‘s hollow pipe. The WPC used in this is taken from Kwality Hardware, this is a 12 mm thick sheet of Black Cobra brand. If you also want to use this type of mesh in your home, then you can take our services.

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Medical Store Furniture Designed on Shimla Byepass Dehradun

We recently gave the complete furniture design of a medical store. We completed this store in 2 weeks. In this, we had made many storage cabinets which were 7 feet in height. In this, as can be seen in the photo, the color combination was of green and white color.

For this store we used all material Action company’s HDHMR board and the laminate which was all Marino company’s. All fittings used by the Hettich. After completion, a very beautiful look came out. Our senior carpenter Salman done over the entire planning of this work and executed it very well.  The good thing was that we finished it in time, which gave the owner a lot of time to do other things.

If you also want to build a store or any showroom like this, then you can contact us.