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Duco Painted Pooja Room Designed in Race Course | Interior Designer in Dehradun

Duco Painted Om Jali Mandir Designed in Derhadun
Full Size Mandir Interior Designed for Race Course Based Client.


In this Mandir we have used best of our materials, Base Cabinet is with Water Proof Ply with Veneer Finish and Polish, Topped with Nano White Stone. Jali with Duco Paint and Worm White Light Box. Sides with Vitrified High Gloss Tiles and Ceiling with Duco Painted Jali.

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Partition & Interior Designer in Dehradun

Illuminated Bedroom Partition in Dehradun
Material Thickness 30mm HDHMR Board, Laminates 2 Color Matte Finish, Illumination – Crompton Worm Wight Surface Light

These two partitions that we have made in Magnolia Township on Sahastradhara Road, they became very fantastic due to the lockdown. It was so good that it was doubly better than what we had finalized from the client.

Bedroom Partition 8ft by 2.5ft in Dehradun
Base Material HDHMR 18mm, Design in 18mm HD WPC, 2 Color Matte Finish Laminates

You can see in the photo that the finishing of both has come so well because both are made from machine.
Whatever material has been used in it, it is all branded. It was difficult in a partition with light because it had to be made of 9 feet. But we did a great job and our clients also praised it. The base material in it is the hdhmr of the action company. And the light that has been used is from the crompton company.

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Bookshelf Interior Designer in Dehradun

Aparna ji was a very good client. She bought a villa on Sahastradhara Road’s Magnolia Township. At this beatiful villa we got the opportunity to make 2 partitions and a bookshelf. In this post, we will give information about the details of the bookshelf.

Bookshelf Covered with Glass in Dehradun
Bookshelf Covered with Plain Glass, Hettich Fittings

You can see in the image that many different size partitions have been given in this bookshelf. This bookshelf has been designed by the computer itself, its CNC file has been made and the board has been cut from the direct Router machine, so that the accuracies come in the design. The height of this design is 7 feet and the width is 4 feet. The separate open shelves next to it are one feet wide. Who are giving it a great look.

Book Shelf in Dehradun
Illuminated Book Shelf Design with HDHMR and SF Laminates. Size 7ft by 4ft.

If you talk about material, then this entire bookshelf is made in HDHMR. Which belongs to the action company.
Fittings have been used by the Hettich Company. And we have used 5mm plain glass. The matte finish laminate used in it has two colors and the light that has been used is from the Crompton company.
If you too want to do this kind of interior design then contact us.

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Villa Renovation at Rajpur Enclave, Dehradun | Interior Designer in Dehradun

Anita ji, a very loving customer, who had a complete understanding of the interior but gave us the entire project to handle. She bought his villa in the Rajpur Road Enclave Society, whose renovation was entrusted to us. A kitchen was to be built in this villa, all wardrobe was to be rebuilt and the entire fitting of bathroom and tile was to be replaced. Along with that, the entire villa had to be painted inside and outside, all the doors and windows had to be painted.

Mandir Designed at Rajpur Road Enclave
This temple’s space came out by extending the area of ​​the villa. It was about 4 feet wide and 3 feet long, in which we made tile work and gave a ventilator above, you can see that the space has been designed for sitting and worshiping. 


Ground Floor Bathroom designed on Sahastradhara Road Dehradun
This was the lowest bathroom, in which we installed a wall hanging seat of Jaquar. And all other fitings we used Hindware. It came out very nice, in this we put Nano White Stone on top of the vanity.

Rajpur Road Enclave Bathroom

Master Bathroom on 1st Floor on Sahastradhara Road Dehradun
It was also a master bathroom, it also used tile-fitting, all fittings Jaquar with very good combination. And made a big vanity.

Bathroom Tile work done on Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun

This project took us about 2 months, in which we faced another challenge that there was very short working time. Society’s rule was that work can be done from 10 am to 6 pm only. In this, we first prepared the kitchen, then dealt with the bathroom work, and then made a wardrobe. And in the last, stone and paint work was done.

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Walk-in Pantry Designed in USHA Colony | Interior Designer in Dehradun

  • pull-out storage for easy access
  • adjustable open shelving
  • innovative storage and features
  • water resistance material with duco paint
Dressing Room Storage Design in Dehradun
Dressing Room Vanity Wardrobe Design, Sliding Doors walk-in wardrobes, duco painted bedroom furniture. White Duco in a matt finish on 18mm HDMR Action Brand. Hardware – Hettich
Kitchen Pantry Design in Dehradun
Well organised storage designs for food and appliances. Clever combination of shelving, drawers, and other design elements to create a space that makes it more useful.
Pull Out Walk-in Storage Design in Dehradun
Pull out pantry shelves to make it more functional and easier to access. White Duco painted furniture. Hardware Hettich, Material 18mm HDMR Action Brand.
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March Works in Dehradun & Rishikesh | Interior Designer in Dehradun

Hinges and Handles GI
Size: 6ft by 2.5ft
Depth: 24″
Special sink box, water resistance board, paper based laminate, Hettich fittings
Base: 4mm ACP Alex
Raising: 3inch Alex ACP
Front: Acrylic 3mm A-cast
Module: Hi-light with warranty
High quality material with long lasting solutions.
LED Board designed for Rishikesh’s top Resort Divine, board size is 15ft width and 9ft height.
WPC Jali 12mm fixed over boundary to hide side view of MS sheet. Fixed on Apollo Frame 1″ with 4by3 grid section. WPC Brand: Alex
HDHMR: Action Tesa
Laminates: Flourish
Wall partition in 32mm HDMR Board with .8 Paper Base Laminate in Wooden Color. Size is 9ft by 3ft. Specially made with high quality finish. Surface Light Crompton Warm Wight Color.
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Interior Designer work in Pacific Golf Estate Dehradun

Pine Ceiling with Partition with PVC Wall Panels
Pine Ceiling with Partition with PVC Wall Panels
Pinewood Base Paneling with Bed
Pinewood Base Paneling with Bed
Complete Back Paneling with Bed High Gloss Finish
Complete Back Paneling with Bed High Gloss Finish
TV Panel with Back Wallpaper Theme
TV Panel with Back Wallpaper Theme
Pine Wood Stairs
Pine Wood Stairs with Natural Polish and Concrete Base Structure
Wardrobe with Matte Finish - Structure HDHMR 18mm with .8 Laminates
Wardrobe with Matte Finish – Structure HDHMR 18mm with .8 Laminates
Full Wall TV Panel with High Gloss Laminates
Full Wall TV Panel with High Gloss Laminates
Teakwood Door with Polish and Glass
Teakwood Door with Polish and Glass
Full Back Paneling Bed with Side Tables
Full Back Paneling Bed with Side Tables
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Interior Designer work Branding work in Dehradun

Board Designed and Installed in Dhanolti, Mussoorie
Board Designed and Installed in Dhanolti, Mussoorie. Board size is 7ft by 5ft, board was both side and we installed this site in single day. All material was ACP and Acrylic. We used Hi-light modules for lighting and 1.5mm wire for connection with 300 watt Double Power Supply. Cost of board was Rs. 25,000/- each.


LED Sign Board Designed for Padel Works in Dehradun
Cost of this board is Rs. 70,000/- with complete paneling work. Board designed with high quality material ACP, Acrylic, WPC, Apollo Framing, etc. We installed this site on Chakrata Raod near Clock Tower. This is biggest cycle store of Dehradun.


Pinewood Wall Paneling
We have done this work for Panache Valley based client. This work has been done by our expert carpenters. Cost of this work is upto 200/sqft if you have bigger area.


Wall Paneling work done in Panache Valley Dehradun
Wall Paneling work done in Panache Valley Dehradun
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Interior Designer work for Mr. Arun Bhalla Ji in Dehradun

We will remember this work throughout our life. There are very few clients who can spend freely. And with that, they have a good idea of ​​where to spend. With Varun ji, we did not have to do much brainstorming. The most difficult was to catch their taste and live up to their expectation. By doing this work, our level only increased.

Kids Room Wooden Furniture Design
We designed this special Hut shaped Wardrobe with Study Table. All Laminate is 1mm Gloss with Complete Wooden Framing


Low Height Bed with Complete Wooden Backdrop and Melamine Polish
Low Height Wooden Bed with Polished Wall Paneling upto Ceiling Height


Ireland Counter Top with PU Paint Finish
Complete Kitchen with Hafele and Hettich Fittings. Base Material Solid Wood Frame & 710 Grade Waterproof Ply.


Complete Modular Kitchen with Hettich, Hafele and Peacock Fittings
Kitchen is the fantastic part of their home, This is our first Ireland Countertop we designed in this Villa, All fittings of Hafele and Hettich Brand with Peacock Hinges and all fitting is soft close.


Solid Wood Stair Design
We have provided precious Jeena Design in Solid wood with Polish


Every corner of this house has been specially designed, and most of the jungle wood has been used. The ceiling has pine sealing with polish.


Low Height 9 Seater Sofa Designed in Dehradun
Low Height 9 Seater Sofa Designed in Dehradun


We have done this work with full vigor and we are proud of this work. If you also want to do some work by joining us and want our service, then call us today.

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LED Board for Brahamastra Gym on Rajpur Road Dehradun

A friend of ours was doing some fabrication work for Bharat Khanna ji, he got us this job. This board is made at a very reasonable price, just what we wanted on Rajpur road. Meaning if you want something different, we will give it to you at a lower price. The size of this Brahamastra’s board is 16 feet wide and its height is 4 feet.

In this, the base material of Alex company has been installed, whose color is gloss white. In this, we also have a frame made by the Apollo company, and then all the acrylic work done in it, in which the letters are made, is all A-Cast.

In this, we have also used the lights of the high light company, in this we have installed about 500 modules. And it also has 2 power supplies. Its frame is made in this Wave shape by Faisal Bhai, who is our best quality fabricator. Its most difficult task was to reach it at a height of 15 feet. We reached it with great difficulty and then welded firmly. So that there will never be any problem in it.

We took 3 days to finish this job. We did it with our 100% commitment and delivered it on time. If you are looking for any special sign board in Dehradun or any exterior or interior work you may contact us. We will not disappoint you.