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2560sqft Tin Shed Balawala, Dehradun for RS Negi Ji

We have made this tin shed at Balawala, Dehradun under the supervision of a senior engineer. We have welded directly on the bars of RCC columns, which has resulted in the most stable structure we have ever come across. Its area is 50ft by 50ft and in future, Negi ji is going to make prefabricated rooms with bison panels under it.

Ladder is fixed on the top of Main Pillars
Rafters is being installed
Leveling the Truss
Truss being installed
Truss is being fixed at the top of Ladder
Truss has been made
Gutter installation done, sheet installation in progress
JSW .45mm sheet in process
Side view of mumty and main shed
Purlin structure view of tin shed
Mumty shed has been kept 4ft down from main shed.
Side view of ladder and gutter.

All gutters have been joined with PVC Pipes
Final PVC Plumbing work and waterproofing is being done
Front Side Truss View of Tin Shed with Plain White Sheet
Front view of tin shed

The truss in the structure is fixed on the ladder (Hollow Pipes 1.5in square, Height 12in), so that the structure can get double strength, Each truss has 2 support pillars (Height 8ft, Pipe 4in Square Hollow Tubes) at the bottom at a gap of 12.5ft. All material is branded (APL Apollo Pipes) and Red oxide treated to leave no chance of rusting, whatever welding work has been done, the covering has been done immediately.

Special care has been taken in the finishing, work has been done by our finest craftsmen (Ahtesham – Fabrication, Danish Khan – Plumbing and Electrical, Lalit Kumar – Paint, Bhupendra – Red Oxide Treatment). The paint is all white (Asian Paints), done with an enamel electric paint gun, we installed the sheets immediately after the paint. Here we have used JSW .45mm material, the gutter has been kept white and all other colors have been kept red. This combination suits every home. The center height of the shed is 12ft and the side height is 8ft. The front and back side trusses are covered with plain sheets (JSW Plain White .45mm), the additional cost of which is Rs. 60. The top of the stairs in the shed is made 4 feet down so that water does not come from the sides. But on top of that 3ft overlapping of top shed has also been done. Silicon sealant is applied on all gutter joints. Gutter has been holded by 1in by 3mm patti with help of Metal Screws.

All the two pipes and plumbing work has been done by our team only. The shade is very nice, the party is also very happy to see the end result. In payment terms, we have given advance 50% structure, after that 30% for the sheets on completion of the structure and 20% after completion. The work has been done very satisfactorily, so it took 3 weeks for this work. If you also want to do any fabrication, interior or renovation work in Dehradun, then you can contact us, Our workshop is located at Mandakini Vihar, Sahastradhara Road. You can also contact us on 7060504666. Thank you for your time.

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Tin Shed in Mohbewala Dehradun for Dhanbeer Singh Ji

We have installed this tin shed in Mohbewala, Dehradun for retired army personal. In the meeting of half an hour, it was discussed how shed will be installed. The party paid advance same day because the next day was a Saturday. And in Hinduism, iron should not be brought into the house on Saturday. We gave them a 2D drawing in which the concept was clear.

We got the material delivered to the site in which all the material was from APL Apollo 18 Gouge. First of all we made trusses. After that the pillars were erected. 3in by 1.5in pipe was used in truss and 3in square in pillar. We used 1.5in square pipe for the purlins. Then red oxide primer was done on the shade. And later black paint. We did the paint and primer with an electric spray machine which did a beautiful job.

It took us 3 days to do this work. We worked to our satisfaction. Daanbir ji finalized for the red color sheet. We ordered gutter, ridge and tin sheets of red color with .45 mm thickness from Jindal Company. We got the next day material and it took us 1 day to install it. The area of ​​the shed was 900sqft and it cost the party Rs 150 per square feet. We were very happy to work there and the problem (dampness) due to which Daanbir ji got the shed installed got solved.

If you also want fabrication, interior or renovation service in Dehradun, then contact us. We operate from Mandakini Vihar, Sahastradhara. You can also contact us on phone – 7060504666.

Thank You!

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Bison Board Room Construction in Dehradun for Dr. Kamal Singh

Side Liner Sheet and Top Shed Fixed with Gutters at Prefabricated Room in Dehradun

It feels great to work with a person like the Supreme Being. Dr. Kamal ji, resident of Vishnu Lok has such a good heart and mind, that we may never forget him. Although he had invited us only for the shed of the car, But he also took the costing of the room. There was an area on his first floor which had to be covered. The area to be covered was 15 feet wide and 13 feet long. The meeting was completed in just 1 hour and we started the work next day. Below are the complete details.

Client Requirement:

  • 20ft by 20ft Tin Shed for Car.
  • 15ft by 13ft Room of Bison Board complete with tiles, paint and electric work.

Job Processing:

  • We first dropped the framing material on site.
  • Apollo’s pipes have lube. Before applying anti rust coat on it, it was cleaned with a cloth and Normal Thinner. So that the primer can get hold.
  • Red oxide was done on top of that.
  • The framing for the room was done by our senior fabricator Salman.
  • We used rafters for the roof and square pipes for the side walls.
  • First of all, we put the Liner Sheets on the side which was of white colour.
  • Proper waterproofing was the reason for applying the liner sheet from outside because water damages the Bison (cement-fiber) boards.
  • 6 mm thick bison boards were placed before the tin sheet on the roof.
  • The reason for keeping the bison board was the noise of the rain. It made a difference and it proved effective.
  • Red color sheet of .45mm Jindal company was applied on top of boards.
  • Sheet fixed with Self Drilling Screw. And all accessories like Gutters and top Ridges were fitted.
  • We started the electrical work after fixing the top sheet and outer sheet. In which the wiring was done as per the electrical plan.
  • After completion of electrical work that Bison boards were installed inside (Thickness 10mm).
  • Immediately after that we installed the tiles. In tiles, we used 2sqft tiles for room and 1sqft for terrace.
  • The tiles were set with dust (Poenta Dust) and cement (Ultratech).
  • After that the joint filling work of cement fiber board was done.
  • Putty, primer and paint were done after that. All the paint was Asian Paints and all the putty was JK Interior.
  • The paint job was done in white and all the rafters were kept in gray colour.
  • Finally, the tiles were thoroughly cleaned and grouted with Asian Paints Grout.


  • Framing: APL Apollo Hollow Pipes, 2in square for walls, 3in by 1.5in for roof, .75in for bison board ceiling joint covering.
  • Sheets: Top JSW .45mm Pragati Sheet in Red Color, Outer .45mm JSW Liner in White Color, Inside 10mm Bison Panel Cement Fiber.
  • Electric: Havells HRFR Wires 1mm and 1.5mm, Polycab Pipes, Anchor Penta Switches, USHA Fans.
  • Tiles: Vitrified Tiles for interior in matt finish, Porch tiles 1ft by 1ft. Tile Grout Asian Paints.
  • Paint: Putty JK Interior, Paint Asian Paints Emulsion Shyne.


  • Rs. 150/sqft Tin Shed
  • Rs. 60/sqft for Ceiling Bison Boards 6mm
  • Rs. 220/sqft for walls outer liner and interior bison board
  • Rs. 30/sqft for paint work
  • Rs. 150/sqft for Tiles in room and hall

If you want our Construction, Interior, Fabrication or Renovation service in Dehradun or nearby cities then you can contact us at 7060504666 (Sumit Pundir).

Thanks for your time!!!

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Tin Shed Insalled in Sisauni, Deoband, Saharanpur

The shed that has been built in Sisauni village has been built at the place of former Pradhan Sandeep Rana ji. He had an open chowk in the house which had to be covered. The area was big and had to be covered on double height. Although we are residents of Saharanpur but still we were contacted through online website.

We understood his need and gave him the budget. He has his own brick bhatta, so he has a lot of knowledge about this construction and fabrication field. He has an in-house architect, he finalised the color deed according to Vastu. After the consent of both, the work was started.

Client Demand:

  • Best quality shed.
  • 20ft Height in Double Slope
  • Color in Green and Red
  • Budget Work

Job Processing:

  • We bought iron from Deoband only. and delivered on site.
  • Red Oxide was done on the material.
  • First the truss was prepared, after that the pillars were erected.
  • Trusses were fixed, all pipe ends were closed.
  • After that the purlin was welded at a gap of 3ft.
  • The sheet was purchased from Selaqui, Dehradun only.
  • In this, the gutter was first installed and then the sheet was held with metal screws.
  • Ridges were installed at the top.
  • Proper silicone sealant was applied to the shade.
  • Shed was ready to serve Pradhan ji.


  • 18 Gouge APL Apollo Hollow Pipes
  • 3in Square for Pillars
  • 3in by 1.5 for Truss
  • 1.5 in square for Perlin
  • Primer Asian Red Oxide
  • Paint Asian Enamel
  • Sheet .45mm Jindal Latest Profile


  • 150 per square feet.
  • 18% GST

Contact for your fabrication, construction and interior work at 7060-504-666 (Sumit Pundir).

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Tin Shed in Selaqui, Dehradun

Tin Shed Designed at Dehradun, Selaqui for Residential House

When you do some work repeatedly, then expertise comes in it. Now the challenge for us in tin shed work is what to give new. Because we are very happy to put the best tin shed in town. We are doing daily average 250 square feet shed work, we have 2 fabrication teams all are expert in their work. Our shades are better because we work very strong and durable. We completed this shed in just 16 hours and the party loved the work.

We have used .45mm sheet and all the pipes are of Apollo 18 gauge. Along with that all the accessories like gutter and ridge are used in .45mm. If you also want to do such work, then contact us today. Our workshop is on Sahastradhara Road. Details are below:

  • Material: 18 Gouge APL Apollo Hollow Pipes
  • Sheet .45mm Jindal Precoated with color warranty
  • Gutter and Ridges .45mm in Red Color
  • Primer Berger and Paint Asian
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Transparent Polycarbonate Pergola on 3rd Floor at Clement Town Dehradun

Complete Installation of Polycarbonate Pergola at 3rd Floor, Clement Town Dehradun

Doon Projects – Interior Designer and Construction Company in Dehradun (Sumit Pundir – 9997833350). We did this project for army personnel, their taste was excellent, we got to learn a lot by working with them. In this we have used rectangular frames. We used Holo Pipes of Apollo Company. In this, we have made a grid of 3ft by 3ft, in which center to center 3ft space has been left.

Framing for Pergola in Dehradun
Framing for Pergola in Dehradun


In this pergola, we have painted wooden, in which very fine teak color resha has been added. After primer all the paint work has been done by expert painter. All paint used from from Asian company.

Teak Color Resha or Wooden Texture Paint on Iron Pipes
Teak Color Resha or Wooden Texture Paint on Iron Pipes


After that we put 2mm polycarbonate sheet over it. The party wanted a transparent sheet, so it was installed. The sheet was purchased in a roll of 6 feet because the sheet does not stop when the pipe comes in the center. Screws were installed on 1ft gap, and silicone was also used properly, all screws were of Hettich company and silicone was of Astral company.

Transparent Polycarbonate Pergola installed at Clement Town Dehradun
Transparent Polycarbonate Pergola installed at Clement Town Dehradun


If you are looking for interior, construction or renovation for your home or office feel free to call us, we are located on Sahastradhara Rd, Dehradun.

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Tin Shed at Salan Gaon Masoorie Road, Dehradun

Tin Shed Structure completed at Salan Gaon Site on Mussoorie Road

Doon Projects – Interior Designer and Construction company in Dehradun. People in Dehradun and Mussoorie are super interested in slope roofs, but if the civil work is not done properly, then they also face problems. We often get such clients who have the problem of water coming from the roof, and they want to manage it with tin shed. We have recently done the work of a Professor Madam in Salan village, in which a shed was to be built on her entire roof.

Purlin installed on Tin Shed in Dehradun
Purlin installed on Tin Shed in Dehradun

Project Details:

  • ROOF AREA – 1650 sqft
  • SLOPE – 2 Way Slopes
  • HEIGHT – Clear Height 9ft and Center Height 12ft
  • DIMENSIONS – 25ft by 30ft and 30ft by 30ft
Ridge fixing in progress at Tin Shed Structure at Salan Gaon Site, Mussoorie Road, Dehradun
Ridge fixing in progress at Tin Shed Structure at Salan Gaon Site, Mussoorie Road, Dehradun

The material we used in this was all branded. It took 15 days to do this work. In this, we got the work done from shed to down pipe of plumbing. This entire work was done under the supervision of Amit Pundir ji, and Naushad Bhai, Faisal and Danish were involved in the work. Material details given below:

  • STRUCTURE – APL Apollo Hollow Sections
    PILLERS – 4in Square
    TRUSS – 3in by 1.5in
    PURLIN – 2ft Square
  • SHEET – .45mm JSW Pragati Gray Color
    Warranty – 15 Years, Color Warranty – 7 Years
  • COLOR – Dark Gray Asian Enamel on Hollow Sections
  • DOWNPIPE – 3in Supreme PVC Fittings
Tin Shed Completed with Gutters and Ridges at Salan Gaon, Mussoorie Road, Dehradun
Tin Shed Completed with Gutters and Ridges at Salan Gaon, Mussoorie Road, Dehradun

If you are looking for any type of fabrication, interior and renovation work, give us a call today. Our workshop is on Sahastradhara Road, and we are serving all over Uttarakhand.

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TATA Tin Shed with 4 Slope Gazeebo and Huts in Tapowan, Dehradun

Tata Tin Shed with 4 Slope in Tapowan Dehradun

Doon Projects – Interior Designer and Construction company in Dehradun.


We have made this shed structure at Tapovan Dehradun. The center structure is 32 feet by 30 feet in 4 slopes. And the two side huts are 18 feet wide and 16 feet deep. The big one’s height is 13 feet and the center height of the huts is 10 feet.

The client Mr. Verma has a lot of technical knowledge, he helped a lot in making the structures. We just followed him and achieved it. It took us 20 days to complete this work.

Gazeebo shed structure designed with 2 huts in Dehradun
Gazeebo shed structure designed with 2 huts in Dehradun

Structure is made of APL Apollo hollow sections. In which pillar is 4 inch square, rafter 2 inch square, truss 3 inch by 1.5 inch and perlin is 2 inch square. The structure was painted in light teak color after red oxide treatment. The gutter and top color has been kept white and the sheet color has been graphite grey. The slope of the gutter was placed on the edges, so that the shade looks good even after the down pipe is installed.

The sheet used is of Tata Durashine which comes with 15 years of color warranty and 45 years of sheet warranty. The structure has been made by Atesham – our iron man, the color has been done by Shubham, and this work has been done under the direction of Amit Pundir and Danish Khan. Faisal has installed gutters in the shed. The costing of such a structure comes to Rs. 220 per square feet.

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Polycarbonate Shed / Pergola in Dehradun

Frosted Polycarbonate Pergola with Wooden Paint

Doon Projects – Interior Designer and Construction company in DehradunWe did interior and renovation work in Shivlok Colony which is located on Raipur Road in Dehradun. There was an old shed there, which we removed and installed a polycarbonate sheet (Transparent polycarbonates allow the most light to pass through, which is thus considered the best where maximum light is needed. Other colours reduce light transmission to certain extents – the darker the colour gets, the lower the percentage of light transmission.) source. We improved the framing for which we used 3×1.5 inch APL Apollo Hollow Pipes which weighs 12kg. Its price at that time was Rs. 94 per kg and it was of 18 guage. We used the old framing pipes for the new framing. The grid made in this was kept 3 feet x 5 feet. In this teakwood color of Asian Paints was done after red oxide.

The best thing happened in this that you can see the direct sun from under it and the temperature inside has reduced by 2 degrees. Had the tuffen glass been applied, the heat would transfer completely. In this the slope is given more than 3 inches because in such a large grid the sheet swings slightly which is not visible as such. In this, the thickness of the sheet was kept 3mm, this entire roll comes 4ft, which was priced at Rs 120 per square feet at that time (Vendor: Kwality Hardware Dehradun).

Polycarbonate Sheet Paragola Shed Installed on Raipur Road in Dehradun
Polycarbonate Sheet Paragola Shed Installed on Raipur Road in Dehradun

This framing and paragola gave a great look to the interior and it was very much liked by the client. We gave this shed to the party for a total of Rs 350 per square feet. The party was happy with the work.



L 12ft x W 25ft

Framing : Teak Enamel
Sheet : White

Framing Material
3″×1.5″ Apollo Hollow Pipe 18 Guage

Covering Material
3mm Polycarbonate Sheet

Production Time
4 Days

₹350 per sqft

12 Months