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Wedding Polaroid Studio Interior in Dehradun

We love working with creative people. We did this project with some camera artists from Dehradun who took office recently on Canal Road. Deadline was very small in this. The entire decoration was to be done in a total of 10 days, in which the pinewood furniture above the ceiling and many other things had to be done.

We worked day and night and ended it within the timeline, even the work was done within the budget and the party liked it very much. We enjoyed working ourselves because some creative furniture was to be made in which MS has also been used, you can see in the photo.

If you also want to design your office or showroom then call us today. We have the most skilled labor in the city.

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October 2020 – miscellaneous works

4x4 Portrait Engraving
We engraved 18mm MDF Board and finished it with Teakwood matte Finish for this Painting. Frame is in Pinewood with same rough polish. Portrait is designed by senior artist after that we used Artcam Software to Engrave the designs in MDF by Prince CNC Router. We also providing Corian Stone Engraving and 3D Cutting Service in Dehradun.
Backfire Sign Board for Restaurant in Dehradun
Made and installed backfire antique sign on GMS Road, Dehradun. Front Sheet ACP Alex Brand, Side with 3mm Acrylic A-Cast Brand and Modules used Samsung, Letters raising 2″. Based Alex wooden sheet.
Navy Captain Name Plate in Dehradun
Designed and installed name plate in Dehradun by using 6mm A-Cast Acrylic Black, Letters with 3mm Golden Mirror Acrylic.
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Wooden Name Plate at Hathibarkala Dehradun

Recently, a client of Hathibarkala, Dehradun demanded from us some special name plates of wood. He needed some antique and some durable work. For that, we designed a special name plate, for which first the ACP material plate was given a special shape with the help of CNC machine, which you can see in the photo.

Ganesh Icon Name Plate
Specially Designed Name Plate on ACP Wooden Finish Base with Golden 3mm Acrylics


In this, we designed the plate for both the poles, on one side, we designed Ganesh, in which also put the house number below. And on the other side, in whose name Rawat ji put his details. The client’s father finalized this design, after which we started work. The board on the side was made in the same way by picking up the golden colored acrylic letters on the ACP of Alex Brand, but here are some designs that you can see in the image below.

Acrylic and ACP Name Plate Design
Specially fixed with Heavy Studds on Tiles.


The client liked the job very much, the cost of the job was only Rs 3,500 and we installed it within only 4-5 days. If you too are making some special plans for your home, you can meet us, we work on Sahastradhara Road inside Mandakini Vihar.

Special Design Name Plate for Rawat Ji
Name Plate fixed with Hammer and Drill by our own team.


Apart from this, if you need any service from us like we do CNC and Laser cutting, also design the interior for the house and any work related to branding for your office, you can get us done, for more information you can Can view on our product page .: OUR PRODUCTS

Thanks for your time!

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Engraved Hotel Room Serving Tray with Tissue Box and Sachet Holder Box

Engraved Hotel Room Serving Tray with Tissue Box and Sachet Holder Box (1)

By doing this job for Rishikesh’s Best Divine Resort all the wood work has come in our realm. We needed a lot of talent to deliver this job correctly. The handicraft work, and CNC operating work was so tough to do. We engraved the logo directly on tray with CNC Router Machine. In this, the size of the logo also matters how deep the engraving take place.

Items Dimensions:
Tray: 18inch x 12inch x 2.5inch
Sachet Holder: 10inch x 4.5inch x 4inch
Tissue Box: 10inch x 4inch x 2.5inch

Designed handicraft item for Rishikesh’s best hotel Divine Resort. Nice quality custom engraved logo on box and tray. Wooden Tea/Coffee Sachet Holder Tray.


Earlier, we had planned to build a logo on it by buying a tray made from the market. But in the market did not find a plane job, due to which we had to make this stuff ourselves. We took a week’s time to do this sampling. But after seeing the job that came to be very happy.

Engraved Hotel Room Serving Tray with Tissue Box and Sachet Holder Box (3)
Sachet holder Teakwood natural polished. Total 6 boxes.


Engraved Hotel Room Serving Tray with Tissue Box and Sachet Holder Box (2)
Complete tray set in Teakwood Wood, Natural Polished.


Total three things were made in it, the first was tray, second tissue box and the third sachet holder. The size of the three items was made according to the demand of the hotel owner. Total 40 peaces were made in 15 days period. If you are looking for any handicraft jobwork please contact us. We are a team of creative designers, carpenters and coloring artists.

For retail order you can contact to our sales manager Mr. Sumit Pundir at +91 9997833350 or you can drop your query at We also provide 3D Wallpaper, CNC Partition Jali, Special Jali Mandir & Cutomized furniture services. If you are not satisfied with your carpenter or interior designer you can call us for FREE CONSULTATION SERVICE. We have a team of skilled workers and delivers best jobwork in the town.