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Pooja Mandir Designed at Magnolia, Sahastradhara Road for Pundir Ji

Size: 4ft by 9ft 

Base Material: HDHMR 16.75 mm Action Tesa
Finish: SF Laminate 1mm
Slab Finish: UV Marble Sheet 6mm
Backdrop: 12mm WPC with CN Cutting
Hanging Bells and Top Space Covering Included

Cost Rs. 30,000/-

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Wedding Polaroid Studio Interior in Dehradun

We love working with creative people. We did this project with some camera artists from Dehradun who took office recently on Canal Road. Deadline was very small in this. The entire decoration was to be done in a total of 10 days, in which the pinewood furniture above the ceiling and many other things had to be done.

We worked day and night and ended it within the timeline, even the work was done within the budget and the party liked it very much. We enjoyed working ourselves because some creative furniture was to be made in which MS has also been used, you can see in the photo.

If you also want to design your office or showroom then call us today. We have the most skilled labor in the city.

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UV and PVC Sheet Interior Design in Dehradun

Work done in association of Shanaya Decor – Rishikesh (Mr. Lalit Bitta). All material installed with highly skilled labour and all fittings and material is branded.

Delby Company PVC Wall Paneling done with Ganesh Ji UV Sheet Cut-out installed with Samsung LED Strip in Rishikesh
CNC Design on UV Sheet with LED Strip and Acrylic Sheet inside.
CNC False Ceiling Design on UV Sheet 4mm with Multicolor LED Strip and PVC Material also used for sides.