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Tin Shed in Mohbewala Dehradun for Dhanbeer Singh Ji

We have installed this tin shed in Mohbewala, Dehradun for retired army personal. In the meeting of half an hour, it was discussed how shed will be installed. The party paid advance same day because the next day was a Saturday. And in Hinduism, iron should not be brought into the house on Saturday. We gave them a 2D drawing in which the concept was clear.

We got the material delivered to the site in which all the material was from APL Apollo 18 Gouge. First of all we made trusses. After that the pillars were erected. 3in by 1.5in pipe was used in truss and 3in square in pillar. We used 1.5in square pipe for the purlins. Then red oxide primer was done on the shade. And later black paint. We did the paint and primer with an electric spray machine which did a beautiful job.

It took us 3 days to do this work. We worked to our satisfaction. Daanbir ji finalized for the red color sheet. We ordered gutter, ridge and tin sheets of red color with .45 mm thickness from Jindal Company. We got the next day material and it took us 1 day to install it. The area of ​​the shed was 900sqft and it cost the party Rs 150 per square feet. We were very happy to work there and the problem (dampness) due to which Daanbir ji got the shed installed got solved.

If you also want fabrication, interior or renovation service in Dehradun, then contact us. We operate from Mandakini Vihar, Sahastradhara. You can also contact us on phone – 7060504666.

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