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Goswami Jewels Interior & Exterior Designed at Paltan Bazar, Dehradun

We completed this in 3 months in the supervision of Manoj Jayant (Civil Work), Sumit Kumar (Design Work), Fabrication work (Amit Pundir), Shahalam Bhai (Carpenter work). We worked very hard for this project and made it like once in a life time. We used best quality of material and best quality of workers, carpenter, plumber, fabricators and transporter (Rajesh Bhai). We delivered 4 storey building, Retail Counter of Ground, Whole Sale on 1st, Studio on 2nd and Covered MS Roof roof. Client was very good and experienced with this kind of work, working with Mr. Manish Goswami Ji was good experience.

Front Facade Designed for Goswami Jewels in Rose Gold Metal Letters with Warm White LEDs
Structure has been installed by excellent fabricators of Dehradun – Aman Fabrication and Faisal Saifi. Pipe used in Base Structure: Apollo 1.5 inch by 1inch Pipe with White Enamel Paint. 
LEDs: Hi-light with One Year Warranty
CNC Jali: 18mm WPC with High Density Black Cobra
Diffuser: Acrylic 2mm Sheet

All CNC work has been done by Sign Art – CNC Routers, Chuna Bhatta, Dehradun. They are best in CNC work.

Nano White Stone Counter with Iron Tijori with Duco Paint Finish
Material: Base Structure – Action HDHMR 16.75mm Outside Mica: Marino Gloss Laminate 1mm Stone: 18mm G7 Nano White Stone (Tile Size 9ft by 30inch)


Sirca Polish, Duco & MS Paint done by Mr. Shahnawaz's Father
We don’t know respected Mulla Ji’s name but excellent work has been in his supervision. All Ceiling, walls paint used is Royal Asian Shine and All polish and Duco work is done with Sirca Italy.
Our Super Carpenter Salman Bhai
All display work has been done by Salman. He is very good at understanding drawing and making new things. He is jewel in our team.


Wooden Ceiling with Custom Fiber Board
Complete Ceiling with 18mm Action Tesa HDHMR Board with GreenPly 4mm Veener and finish with Sirca Gloss Polish
False Ceiling work done by Raju Bhai
Raju bhai has done all our POP Ceiling work. There were not special requirement of any design in ceiling. Ceiling cove height is 6″ only. We have used Phillips COB and Panel lights in the ceiling with warm and cool commination. Structure material in ceiling is 2.5kg GI Prime Channel and Material is Sakarni POP. We have painted it with Asian Royale Shine Paint.


Wooden Covering and Scarting of Stairs
Furkan bhai has done excellent work in this project. He is most senior carpenter in Dehradun and has very sharp mind. He has done our Stairs Veener work, Wooden work, Ceiling Paneling work, and made special cabinets.


Ceiling Glass work by Shiva Glass
All Glass work has been done by Shiva Glass, GMS Road. They did it perfectly as directed by our design team with accuracy. This Barfi design costed us Rs. 450/sqft for your information. All glass used is Saint Gobain brand with thickness of 6mm.


Tarantino Italian Marble Iron Stairs
We used tarantino marble in this projects and purchased it from Nautiyal Marble located on GMS Road, Dehradun. That is good stone for interior.


Railing Stainless Steel with Tuffen Glass
Railing has been made with 2″ square Jindal Steel Pipe 304 with 12mm Tuffen Glass purchased from Diamond Tuffen, Roorkee.


Special Room with Kitchen at 2nd Floor
Ground is retail counter, first floor is whole sale and on second floor we made special room with kitchen and bathroom. All tile work is Kajaria latest tiles with light color, All kitchen work in HDHMR board. All area is painted with Asian Royale Shine. All tile work has been done by Sonu and Jitendra Thekedar.


Tuffen Glass Door with Round Road SS
Sliding door given at Ground size is 3.5ft with 7.5ft height. Round road has been used to slide the gate. Glass thickness is 12mm.


Retail Counter for Jewellery Shop in Dehradun
We have made 18ft Display Counter for the showroom. Base Structure 18mm HDHMR, Front with Green Ply 4mm Veener, Top Glass 12mm Tuffen.


Metal LED Letter Sign Board Designed at Paltan Bazar Dehradun
Rose Gold Letters at price of Rs. 200/inch has been used in this project. LED – Hi-light, Raising 1″, Male- Female Letter, best quality of Acrylic has been used for illumination. LED letter is installed by Indu Chawla Sir – Our Senior Sign Maker.


wall hanging hindware seat and basin fittings in dehradun

We have also done all electrical, plumbing and also made a tin shed room over the roof where all electrical panel is fitted. In case you want our services contact us at below given numbers for interior, exterior and construction requirements.