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CNC Wall Partition with Cove Lights in Dehradun

This partition has been done for a doctor who lives in Prem Nagar, is a very young and new person. His taste is also good about design. He did some things in his own way while working, which made the work more beautiful. The total cost of doing this work was 21 thousand rupees, which includes the WPC sheet and all the ply and fittings.

32mm Thicker Ply Board used with WPC Sheet
32mm Thicker Plyboard used.

In this, we used Green‘s ply 18mm which had to be doubled, so that its thickness was 36mm, which is very important, you can also see our other work, in this kind of work, we always start by double ply board. After that, the laminate that we have applied in it is different on both the sides, on one side there is white laminate and on the other side in wooden finish, the cast is about 600 rupees per sheet. The LED Cov lights which are also included in it are from Crompton which is guaranteed for one year. You had to smile a little, you can see that no wire is visible, it has been wired to the board itself.

CNC Door Partition in Dehradun
CNC Door Partition in Dehradun

After that you can see the slider we have slide the CNC Cutting Sheet in the video. Which is giving this design a better look, while there is no need for a slide, only the slider has been used to give it a freedom. The sheet that we have fitted in it is of Black Cobra Brand.

After that its sheet has been cut with Prince CNC Router which is done by 3mm Endmill tool which gives the best finish. The sheet used is high density wood and fiber sheet which is waterproof.

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