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Puja Room, Mandir, Temple Designed for Dehradun Based Client

Plywood cabinets, CNC Om Jali, Duco Paint Finish, LED Lights
Size 5ft by 3ft @ Rs. 25,000/-
Size 5ft by 3ft @ Rs. 9,000/-
Backdrop with Storage and Side Lights
10ft by 4ft @ Rs. 40,000/-
Italian Marble Backdrop and HDMR
Complete 6x5 Mandir with Gate @ Rs. 2,00,000/-
UV Mandir Design
Size 5ft by 2.5ft in UV @ Rs. 25,000/-
Om Backdrop Size 4ft by 4ft @ Rs. 10,000/-

CALL: +91-9997833350 (Sumit Pundir).  In this project we have done cutting and also designed furniture. In this, LED lights, Duco Paint Finish and Veneer have also been used. This work has been dealt with by the help of a great carpenter. The Arch has been designed with the help of 3D Engraving using special bits in CNC Machine.


Plywood cabinets, CNC Om Jali, Duco Paint Finish, LED Lights
Plywood cabinets, CNC Om Jali, Duco Paint Finish, LED Lights


This temple is made for a 3BHK apartment built in the Capital Heights Project, Located at ITBP Road, Niranjanpur, Dehradun. All the work in it is done by Carpenter’s help. For this, we gave a design in CNC artwork.


  1. Planning for what should be the design in the temple. The design that you see is being used all over the place today, though we had more designs, but the client did the finals.
  2. After that, we bought a Century company’s 12-millimeter (thickness) board for which the standard size is 8ftx4ft. We processed the board through CNC Machine for cutting and the Cutting was ready. Job was transported from workshop to the owner’s house.
  3. We started the painting service. We used white Duco Paint finish. This is the most precious process in the whole job. It took 3-4 days for polishing and finishing.
  4. We had already made the customized cabinets using best fittings like; handle, channer, etc.
  5. We installed the cabinets and we built the boarders to fix the CNC cutting.
  6. We used white 3mm acrylic sheet on the back of jali, so that light can spread well.
  7. We used Samsung LED tubes for lighting.
  8. We also designed special arch on the entry of mandir and also painted that with Duco finish.

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