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Duco Painted LED TV Panel in Madhuban Enclave, Sahastradhara Road

Ashutosh ji is working in DRDO in Dehradun and a month ago we had built a temple in his house. Temple was built in WPC 12mm Material (Alex Black Cobra).

They needed a TV panel but the problem was the drawing room was small and the panel had to be put on window. The size of the panel was about 8 feet wide and 7 feet long. And his budget was only 25000 for this work which he had already told us.

We worked for this keeping the budget in mind, so that quality was also taken care of. It was made in MDF Action Tesa then painted duco Asian Paints. The finish of the paint was kept matte. The color white and teak was chosen after seeing the furniture that was made earlier in his house. It took a week to make it. He liked the design and was overjoyed after installing.

furniture transportation in progress by team
furniture transportation in progress by team


tv panel installed at home in dehradun

We designed the TV Panel by CNC Machine. The shape of Drawer and Teak Color Base and Shelf’s round corners was designed perfectly by CNC Router.

If you are looking for interior design service in Dehradun, you may contact us.

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Biggest LED Sign Pole for Restaurant in Dehradun


  1. Advance taken for material 70%.
  2. Next day material delivered on site.
  3. Side by side we started the ACP CNC work.
  4. On 3rd Day we completed the Fabrication work on site
  5. 4rth Day we installed the site with Hydra and our strong army.

We have made this work for a cloud kitchen located in Dharampur in Dehradun. Sardar ji had come to us with an idea that we will make the board by hanging it in the middle. But that board is not visible from both the sides, so we asked them to make a pole whose height will be 25 feet and it will be visible from both the sides. Then the work was done on the budget and the work started. We did a great job from our side.

Apollo’s 1-inch hollow pipe has been used to make it. And red oxide was treated on it. Later, a CNC cut design was applied to it. In which red color acrylic was installed from inside. After that many modules were installed in it and later it was closed from the back with black colored flex.

We used acp of ALEX Brand, frame of Apollo, light of Hi-Light Brand and acrylic of A-Cast Company. This is one year warranty product. If you are looking for sign of your business feel free to contact us.

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Steel Metal & Neon Signs for Boutique in Dehradun

Boutique Interior and Branding in Dehradun Acrylic, Metal and Neon

Call Sumit Pundir at +91-9997833350. This site is our very favorite site Designed by Studiarchronicles.  We have done all branding work at this site. In which the frame on which the letters are placed is half an inch and the letter which is there is a sheet of 20 gauge. The size of these letters is 1 feet and behind them we have installed a 5 mm sunboard on which our light is fixed. This light is water proof and its supply is kept in the balcony above.

Installation of SS Letters on SS Frame in Progress.
Installation of SS Letters on SS Frame in Progress.
Collar Metal Sign Letters being installed on SS Frame 304 in Dehradun
Collar Metal Sign Letters being installed on SS Frame 304 in Dehradun
Collar Steel Letters with Neon Sign Strip has been installed at Chakrata Road Based Boutique in Dehradun
Collar Steel Letters with Neon Sign Strip has been installed at Chakrata Road Based Boutique in Dehradun

We took a week to make this site, the work was more, steel Jindal has been used in this, LED light is from Samsung and the acrylic which is visible from the front is white A-cast. The framing of the neon signs we have made in this is also made of steel. We have put this job in a salon located on Chakrata Road in Dehradun. Which has been made very beautifully by the interior designer. We have done more work in this boutique whose pictures are given below.

Duco Painted Sign Letter for Boutique in Dehradun
Duco Painted Sign Letter for Boutique in Dehradun
Logo Branding on Main Counter of Boutique in Dehradun
Acrylic Logo Branding on Main Counter of Boutique in Dehradun

We have done this work very beautifully, if you also want to brand your store then contact us.

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March Works in Dehradun & Rishikesh | Interior Designer in Dehradun

Hinges and Handles GI
Size: 6ft by 2.5ft
Depth: 24″
Special sink box, water resistance board, paper based laminate, Hettich fittings
Base: 4mm ACP Alex
Raising: 3inch Alex ACP
Front: Acrylic 3mm A-cast
Module: Hi-light with warranty
High quality material with long lasting solutions.
LED Board designed for Rishikesh’s top Resort Divine, board size is 15ft width and 9ft height.
WPC Jali 12mm fixed over boundary to hide side view of MS sheet. Fixed on Apollo Frame 1″ with 4by3 grid section. WPC Brand: Alex
HDHMR: Action Tesa
Laminates: Flourish
Wall partition in 32mm HDMR Board with .8 Paper Base Laminate in Wooden Color. Size is 9ft by 3ft. Specially made with high quality finish. Surface Light Crompton Warm Wight Color.
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LED Board for Brahamastra Gym on Rajpur Road Dehradun

A friend of ours was doing some fabrication work for Bharat Khanna ji, he got us this job. This board is made at a very reasonable price, just what we wanted on Rajpur road. Meaning if you want something different, we will give it to you at a lower price. The size of this Brahamastra’s board is 16 feet wide and its height is 4 feet.

In this, the base material of Alex company has been installed, whose color is gloss white. In this, we also have a frame made by the Apollo company, and then all the acrylic work done in it, in which the letters are made, is all A-Cast.

In this, we have also used the lights of the high light company, in this we have installed about 500 modules. And it also has 2 power supplies. Its frame is made in this Wave shape by Faisal Bhai, who is our best quality fabricator. Its most difficult task was to reach it at a height of 15 feet. We reached it with great difficulty and then welded firmly. So that there will never be any problem in it.

We took 3 days to finish this job. We did it with our 100% commitment and delivered it on time. If you are looking for any special sign board in Dehradun or any exterior or interior work you may contact us. We will not disappoint you.

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CNC Engraving & Carving on Wood in Dehradun

We have been making mandir, facades, front decors, doors and many more beautiful things using our 3d engraving technique in Dehradun. Our latest works are attached below.

3D File for Engraving Works
We have to create 3D File for Wooden Engraving work. This is just an example how this file looks.

The above works are shown have sharp edges. But we also provide engraved edges jobwork as attached below:

Engraved Shelf Branding in Dehradun
Creative solution for shelf branding in Dehradun for F&B Company. Material 8mm MDF with Natural Polish


Portrait Engraving
Portrait Engraving done for Kashipur Based Client. Material MDF 18mm, 6mm Engraving Work, Framing with Pinewood with Natural Polish


Engraving and Carving Difference
6mm Carving and Engraving on MDF 18mm Thicker. Sampling done for Ashram in Vikasnagar.


Wood engraving work Dehradun
The technique of engraving an image in end-grained hardwoods for relief printing is called wood engraving. We have latest machines for wood engraving work.


Wood Engraving on Doors and Furniture
We can bring your imagination to your furniture exactly as you thought. The biggest rallow in this is that of our experienced artisans and after that we have all the latest equipment as we can easily do more complicated work with cleanliness. Most of our craftsmen are from Saharanpur for this work.


If you are also looking for any kind of cnc, wpc or wooden design then you can contact us.

Contact in office hours 10:00 am to 6:00pm. Our satellite office is located on Rajpur Road, visit us for best understanding. Click here to check our previous works and available services.

Feel free to call at 99978-33350 (Mr. Sumit Pundeer)  to schedule a meeting with us or at your place. Thanks for your time, we will highly appreciate if you will share these information in your network.

Wishing great day ahead.