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WPC Pooja Mandir in Dehradun

We got an opportunity to build a temple for my friend, we did a very good job and you can see in the photo that this temple has been prepared at a very low price, which cost only 20 thousand rupees. Because the wood that was to be put in the frame was already lying with them for the year, otherwise it would have cost upwards of 25 thousand.

7×4 Mandir Design using CNC, WPC, Mica, Board, Plywood


The cabinet it is made of is made from 18mm plywood. Which belongs to the Green Company. After that, both types of mica .4mm in and .75mm have been put on it. Fitting has also been used well in this.

18mm WPC for Om Design and 12mm WPC for side jali


The 6 design in it is cut on an 18mm cobra sheet and the sheet on the side is of 12mm, although I suggest that a sheet of less than 18mm should not be used. After this, the LED strip installed is the original of Havells which comes with a one-year guarantee.

19mm Board with Colored Texture Mica on Front and White Mica inside


The most beautiful look in it is of the door, which is made of 19mm board, white on the inside and colored mica on the outside. The bells in it are of brass which are fitted with M hooks.

Bells used with M Hook

It took a full time of one week, the size of the temple is 7 feet high and 3.5 feet square. It is most lovely when the door opens, then the sound of bells comes and its entire white is from inside.

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