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Pooja Room Interior Design in Dehradun

There are very few clients from whom we get to learn the opposite. Duco Paint Finish, CNC Jali, Acrylic Golden Letter, ACP Sheet, Cabinet and what didn’t we do to build this temple. This work has been done on Canal Road which is a road adjoining Rajpur Road. We got this project online, the client had no budget problem, he just wanted good work.

Whatever material was used in it belonged to the Action Company and Paint of Asian Company.  Whatever light work was done, it’s brand is Samsung. The most attractive thing in this is the door and the bells hanging on it. Its door is made of MDF Material, we made two 30mm thickness by pasting two boards together and then processed in CNC Cutting machine.

CNC Door for Pooja Room
30 mm CNC MDF Door with Natural Wood Polish designed for Canal Road site in Dehradun.


After that we designed Krishna with the help of CNC machine on 8mm MDF sheet which is easily available even on the internet. Then painted it well in white. After that we put a gap of 2 Inch and put LED Strip on the side with the help of Sunboard. Then attached the design to the wall with the help of Star screw so that it can be easily removed and applied in future also.

Pooja Room Krishna Design with LED Strip
8mm MDF with Duco Paint Finish and Samsung LED Strip designed for Canal Road based Villa in Dehradun.


Along with this, we also put Gayatri Mantra of Golden color on the side wall. It was mounted on Alex Sheet with the help of special screw which you can see in the photo. Everyone liked this work very much, it cost about 50 thousand. If you also want to do something similar in your home or office, then you can meet us at our workshop on Sahastradhara Road.

Golden Acrylic Gayatri Mantra on ACP Sheet
Designed Gayatri Mantra wall for Canal Road based Site in Dehradun.

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