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Pergola Designed for CP Joshi Ji, Shimla Bye Pass, Dehradun

Doon Projects – Interior Designer and Construction Company in Dehradun (Sumit Pundir – 9997833350).  We have done a lot of work with the engineers. And every time one gets to learn from them. Joshi ji leave at Prakash Lok Colony near Shimla Bye Pass. They contacted us through our website and was very clear about what they wanted.

Demand of Client:

Joshi ji has given the above portion on rent. They didn’t have tiles on the porch so they wanted to avoid rain water at the same time they needed sunlight. The did not have any budget issue and was aware about the price range.


Pergola area was 23ft Depth and 26ft Width. It was to be fixed on ground floor roof. In this, we made a grid of 3ft, in which 3in by 1.5in Apollo pipes were used. We have given 6in tails in front to make our design look more beautiful.


  • We used 3in Square for Pillars.
  • For Grid we used 3in by 1.5in Hollow Pipe
  • We painted it white with Asian Paints Emulsion
  • Sheet we used was 2mm Polycarbonate Frosted Sheet.


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