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Doon Grammar School Steel Sign Board in Dehradun

Doon Grammar School Athoorwala Dehradun LED Board

The owner liked our concept and order was finalized in 30 minute meeting. He did not bargain even a single rupee so the pressure has come on us to give our best quality. The owners of the school were very clear what they wanted.

Demand of Client:

  • He had already left a space in the middle of the gate on which the sign board of the school was fixed.
  • They wanted 3D letters of steel.
  • He wanted a blue color background.
  • They didn’t want light in the board, they were going to put the focus lights from above.
  • They wanted the board soon, we had only 8 days time.
Danish Bhai working on LED Board of Athoorwala Doon Grammar School Board
Danish Bhai working on LED Board of Athoorwala Doon Grammar School Board


  • We started work by taking 50% advance.
  • In this, first of all, we did the framing on the site in which 1.5 inch square and 1 inch square pipe was used.
  • After that, after doing red oxide treatment on the frame and joint filling, we placed an order for the peneling sheet.
  • We ordered Alex Brand wrap sheets and the sheets were delivered to us the very next day.
  • Also we got the letters laser cut and started welding.
  • After all the letters are ready, we fix the nut bolts in the letters so that they are firmly fixed on the paneling sheet.
  • After that we prepared the board completely and welded it on the above site.
  • Small letters we pasted directly with the help of heavy gumming.
  • After that we got the logo done installed it as well.
  • Cleaned and finalized the board after completion.


  • FRAMING: 1.5in Square APL Apollo Pipe for Main Frame and 1in Square for collar.
  • SHEET: ALEX ACP Sheet Exterior Grade in Navy Blue Color
  • LETTERS: 20 Gouge Steel 304 Grade with MIG Welding
  • LOGO: Itching with Black Color on SS


  • Letters @ Rs. 150/height-inch
  • Base @ Rs. 200/sqft
  • Installation @ Rs. 5,000/unit
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