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Designer Wardrobe in Dehradun with High Gloss Shutters

Hettich Soft Close Drawers being Installed in Wardrobe

Doon Projects – Interior Designer and Construction company in Dehradun.

  • Brand
  • Dimensions
    H 9ft x W 3.5ft x D 1.8ft
  • Colour
    High Gloss White, Wooden in Interior
  • Primary Material
    HDHMR Action TESA 16.75mm
    Shutters Century Club Prime Board 18mm
  • Finish Material
    High Gloss Laminate .8mm Century
    ICA High Gloss DUCO with Acrylic Top Coat
  • Fittings
    Hettich Soft Close Drawers, Hinges 3D Godrej, Garment Lifter, LED Rods
  • Production Time
    20 Days
  • Pricing
    ₹1,650 per sqft
  • Warranty
    12 Months
ICA PU Finish on Shutters
ICA PU Finish on Shutters
Paint in Progress for Wardrobe Inside
Paint in Progress for Wardrobe Inside
Garment Lifter Installation in Progress
Garment Lifter Installation in Progress

Our company provides services of interior and architecture in Dehradun. We have done renovation of many houses. This wardrobe has also been made in one of our renovation projects. We have done this work in Shivlok Colony which is located on Raipur Road. Clients work in ONGC. The special thing about this wardrobe is that it is in wooden look from inside and white from outside. It has complete automatic light and fittings are also of high class. Complete details of wardrobe are given above, if you also want to make such wardrobe then contact us.

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