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Soundproofing Options For Tin Shed Roof – Prefabrication

Shed roofing has become common in cities like Dehradun where it rains heavily. But there are some problems in it like it makes a lot of noise while raining, heats up a lot and security issue. Doon Projects is continuously working on these things and we are giving you some options so that you can get rid these problems.

There are 3 main solutions for sound proofing. Whose costing and look will be different.

  1. We have built many houses in the last few days, in which we put 6mm Cement Fiber Board on the framing of the shed and put sheets over it. You know Cement Fiber Board is a weather proof product and the thickness has been kept 6mm so that minimum weight comes on the shed framing structure. In this, 3in b 1.5in rafters have to be provided for purlin, whose weight ranges from 10kg to 13kg. Due to this there is no flexibility in the shed, so there is no crack in the ceiling below.
    Carpenter Taking size to install Flush Door at Prefabricated Room site
    Carpenter Taking size to install Flush Door at Prefabricated Room Site

    In this, the lower rafters are visible, on which you have to paint enamel, in this the lights are also installed on the walls only. You can’t even tighten the wiring of the lights and the slope of the roof also looks similar from below. Due to this, there is a difference of Rs. 30 per square feet in the price of shed.

  2. Gypsum Paneling Sheet is another material used for heatproof in tin sheds. Its sealing looks great, and removes all complications. Its 6ft by 4ft sheets come, which can be fitted on aluminum frame. All the wiring will also be done in it, the incandescent lights will also be installed and it remains cool. Talking about its cost, it will cost you around Rs.70 per square feet. If you go with the design then the cost can also increase. Below you can see the work of gypsum ceiling which we have done on Rajpur road.
  3. The third and cheapest option is grid ceiling, in which a grid of 2ft by 2ft is made. Gypsum sheets or Therma-coal are used in this and it costs Rs.45 per square feet. It is suitable for office, its look is cheap at home, if you want, you can do PVC ceiling by keeping Therma-coal on top.

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