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Veener False Ceiling Completed for Jai Prakash Ji’s Residence in Dehradun

Doon Projects – Interior Designer and Construction Company in Dehradun (Sumit Pundir – 9997833350). Jaiprakash ji has great knowledge about all technical work at home. Retired from government job but what a wonderful man. Describing the name of our company as very good, they put a lot of pressure on us to do good work. It was a very simple and classy work but it took a lot of time to do it.

First we finalized the design, his son who lives in Canada sent all the designs. After finalizing the design, we started the work of POP, it was an area of ​​about 1000 sqft, so it took more than 10 days to do it. In this, we used prime channels, used heavy wali mess and used POP material of Sakarni Brand. You can see in the image below what is the finish after pop.


After this, MDF paste was done in the lobby area, in which 4mm Action TESA MDF was pasted with the help of fevicol and nails. And the ply was fixed in the lower drawing room area. We had already put channels where the ply was to be fixed. After that a veneer was applied on the ply, in which we applied a 4 mm thick Greenply veneer. In exterior work of Delby WPC Lowers was done. You can see the images of the complete work. We have also given the video for more information.