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Wooden & Glass Partition for Joshi Bhai

The size of partition is 9feet high and 6.5 feet wide. The total cost for this came to 21000 which is around 350 per sq ft. Depth of the partition is 10″. It would have been nice to have more depth than this but space would have taken a lot. The material that we have applied in it is 19mm Green Plywood which has been made 38mm thick by pasting it twice.

38mm Thicker Plywood Frame Fix with L Patti on Roof with 12mm Tuffon Glass

On top of that, they have used cheap colored laminate, which was found at the rate of 450 per square feet. Only this is an inexpensive thing because it was a little budget issue. Glass we used is 12mm Tuffon glass which comes to about 200 rupees per square feet. On top of that we have put a frosted sheet 3M by cutting with a plotter. In which a tree design has been made for design, the price of this sticker is Rs 100 per square feet.

Frosted Vinyl Sticker being Pasted Manually on Tuffon Glass

In this, we were trying to design CNC cutting first but later the mood changed because too much CNC work was done. It took a whole week to make it. The rest is in front of you. In this we can make very good design, if you are looking for something for your home, then contact us.

Final Picture of Glass and Wooden Partition done on Sahastradhara Road.

There is a story of a small box made in the side below, that glass was cut from the corner, which had a fan inside. But later we used it for partition. Now this will be used to put a flower vase.

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