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Wooden Engraved Shelf Branding for Valley Culture

This brand will grow rapidly if its owners keep moving ahead with this passion. Both the team members came to me for branding for store. He had a sample photo of how he wanted it. He was talking about engraving in some wood. But he did not want to copy the style.

So we did something different, we saw their branding which was already going on and worked on the shape of their planks.

12mm fiber MDF board has been used to make it. Which belongs to the Action company. After that it was engraved with the 90 Degree tool from Prince Router Machine. 

After that it was natural polished by Asian Brand.
Valley Culture India’s Owner liked the job, it took a week to complete it, we tried with laser too but laser could not prove to be effective in it. We hope that this company touches the heights. 

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