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December 2020 Miscellaneous Interior Projects in Dehradun

Right now the interior work is going on, so the final video which is not finished will be uploaded soon.

It had to reflect light from inside the stone of the counter, for which a lot of efforts had to be made. For this, we bought the best Nano white stone, which was a stone of range of Rs 550 per square feet, we got it from the Nautiyal Marble which is on GMS Road. It also has LED lights from Philips and below light which is showing at the bottom of the counter is of Havells. All light are warm white shade. This counter has become very grand, it is a different fun to lay hands on it, the light that is coming out making is so smart and classic. This special counter is made for Mr. Mandeep Chouhan owner of The Colony Cafe, Raipur, Dehradun.

We have made some specials in their LED board as well. You can see in the video that it has been made by mixing with many materials and the color shade which is also good and it is a good thing that the expenditure has come to only Rs. 20,000. We have used Surya LED, Alex ACP Sheet, Appollo MS Pipes, Havells Wire, Alex WPC Sheet, etc.

We have built this temple for our most special clients, they were connected to us long back. She has spent a total of Rs 40,000 to build this entire temple. In which the entire covering of WPC Sheet has been done by our team. For mandir we have provide two side boxes and main 5ft by 3ft Temple. All material used here is branded Hettich Fittings, Action Brand HDMR Water Proof Board, Black Cobra WPC Sheet with Hollow Look and Havells LED inside.

This too was a amazing task. worked in the client army, he has just retired and has built a villa in Dehradun. They wanted a Jaali/ Grid boundary wall, then we have done it by doing excellent work. We have used 12mm WPC Jali with MS Framing of 1 inch with 2ft by 2ft Grid.