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Villa Renovation at Rajpur Enclave, Dehradun | Interior Designer in Dehradun

Anita ji, a very loving customer, who had a complete understanding of the interior but gave us the entire project to handle. She bought his villa in the Rajpur Road Enclave Society, whose renovation was entrusted to us. A kitchen was to be built in this villa, all wardrobe was to be rebuilt and the entire fitting of bathroom and tile was to be replaced. Along with that, the entire villa had to be painted inside and outside, all the doors and windows had to be painted.

Mandir Designed at Rajpur Road Enclave
This temple’s space came out by extending the area of ​​the villa. It was about 4 feet wide and 3 feet long, in which we made tile work and gave a ventilator above, you can see that the space has been designed for sitting and worshiping. 


Ground Floor Bathroom designed on Sahastradhara Road Dehradun
This was the lowest bathroom, in which we installed a wall hanging seat of Jaquar. And all other fitings we used Hindware. It came out very nice, in this we put Nano White Stone on top of the vanity.

Rajpur Road Enclave Bathroom

Master Bathroom on 1st Floor on Sahastradhara Road Dehradun
It was also a master bathroom, it also used tile-fitting, all fittings Jaquar with very good combination. And made a big vanity.

Bathroom Tile work done on Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun

This project took us about 2 months, in which we faced another challenge that there was very short working time. Society’s rule was that work can be done from 10 am to 6 pm only. In this, we first prepared the kitchen, then dealt with the bathroom work, and then made a wardrobe. And in the last, stone and paint work was done.