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500sqft Pergola Roofing for Mahesh Barthwal Ji, Dehradun

Mukesh Barthwal ji is our client from Dehradun, he has built a floor above old construction for which we have done complete fabrication work. In this, first of all we increased the size of the balcony at the back of ground floor, it was very less we increased it from 2.5 feet to 5 feet. In the metal floor, we made grid of one and a half feet by 2 feet and welded a 3 mm metal sheet over it. On top of that, they put tiles.

Next we provided 3 feet by 1 feet steps in Staircase. In this, after four steps, we provided a ramp and then took Jeena straight to the terrace. It cost only ₹40,000 to the client and it was made into a complete Apollo MS hollow pipe.

After metal floor & staircase we installed the 3ft high railing on first floor and 1.5 feet high on the top floor. The design of CNC used which is connected to nature and is made of 3 mm MS sheet.

We advised Barthwal ji to reduce the cost of 80 rft railing which costing him ₹80,000, because the construction contractor can provide the parapet in the construction budget. So we ordered his contractor to give 1.5ft solid concrete parapet over the 1st floor roof. Then we installed the railing of 1.5ft high and that reduced the railing budget by 40%. It cost less money but looked better than the ground floor railing.

Barthwal ji wanted transparent Pergola on the front side so that his windows could be covered from rain and the elevation of his house could also be improved. For this, we gave them a cost effective solution in which polycarbonate 2 mm sheet were installed over 3/3 ft MS Grid. In this, hollow pipes of 3 inches by 1.5 inches were used and the pillars installed were 4 inches square.

Polycarbonate Pergola completed at Kargi Chowk, Dehradun for Mukesh Barthwal Ji. Area 370sqft, Sheet - 2mm Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet. Cost Rs. 275/sqft.
Polycarbonate Pergola completed at Kargi Chowk, Dehradun for Mukesh Barthwal Ji. Area 370sqft, Sheet – 2mm Frosted Polycarbonate Sheet. Cost Rs. 275/sqft.

At the front of the Pergola, we cut the pipe into the design to create tails and also installed gutters so that all the water can flow towards the staircase. This pergola cost the client ₹275 per square foot.

We have also provided Khaprail shed at left side balcony of the building. That is 34ft wide with 3.5 ft projection. We used .5mm Khaprail sheet with Gray Stone Finish. Cost of this raincover was ₹ 220 per sqft.

We are still working on the site. Stay connected with us for more such updates. Thank you.

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Pergola Designed at Mohkampur, Dehradun

Doon Projects – Interior Designer and Construction Company in Dehradun (Sumit Pundir – 9997833350). Sunil ji took a very quick decision and started the work by giving evening day advance. His test is very good, he was very clear what he want. It took us 5 working days to do this work. Pergola size was 17ft by 11ft. We kept its color white, we applied enamel of white color over it by Asian Paints. We used Apollo 18 gauge pipes and kept some 20 gauge pipes as well. Because costing had to be managed as well as strength. Making more strong than necessary also makes a difference in costing and its waste of money.

The size of the grid we have kept here is 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet. And 3in b 1.5in pipes have been used vertically. In the front of this pergola we have made a 6 inch tail which is giving it more beauty. In this we have used polycarbonate sheet of 2mm. This pergola is a product of the range of Rs.270 per feet.

There was one late decision in this work, the pillar you see in some of the images was removed later. Due to this the pergola was


looking grand from below. If you also want to do some such work like fabrication, interior or renovation, then we are providing very good services in Dehradun. We are operating our workshop from Sahastradhara Road, you can also come and meet us and you can also call us at your place.