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Water Bubble Partition for Drawing and Dining in Dehradun

Drawing and Dining Area Wooden Partition with Lights and Water

Doon Projects – Interior Designer and Construction company in DehradunGaurav Negi ji is doing very good construction work in Dehradun, he gave us partition work in a house which was being built on Haridwar road. This was a partition of the drawing and dining area, in which the client was demanding a very luxurious partition. And he also sent a sample image. This task was very difficult, but we took it up and started.

Its width was 12 feet and height was 10 feet. We made its entire structure in 12 mm thick ply and put .8 mm thick laminate over it. The entire work was done with Fevicol, no Heatex was used in it. Wasim bhai is a great carpenter, his own team has done this work. It took us more time to do this work as there was frequent leakage in the water body. But eventually the experiment became successful. Once hope was broken when the builder of the aquarium said that such a big box could not be made.

Water Body Partition with Air Bubble and Lights in Dehradun
Water Body Partition with Air Bubble and Lights in Dehradun


But our never giving up team showed it by doing it, we made a box of 6 mm thick transparent acrylic sheet and attached it with chloroform. The upper part was fitted with COB lights, whose color was warm white. Whose color is visible in all the bubbles. The most difficult in this was the air pressure and the motor being silent, for that we used the air pressure pump installed in the aquarium and kept the motor above the water, then fitted the pipe from below using bubble stone. Due to which these bubbles come from below and the motor is also kept safe above.

You can see in the video how much satisfying work has been done, we really enjoyed doing this and got the courage to take up such challenges.

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Smart Homes With Artificial Intelligence And Internet Of Things in Uttarakhand

Doon Projects – Interior Designer and Construction company in Dehradun.

“There is nothing more important than a good, safe, and a secure home.” – Rosalynn Carter.

Dehradun: As you look around, you will see that we are surrounded by technology. Everything results from technological advancement from smartphones to computers, electronic gadgets, appliances, recording devices, and digital cameras. Today, technology affects nearly every aspect of life: communication, safety, transportation, socialization, health checkups, accounting, etc.

Home Automation in Dehradun

While technology is being used efficiently across the board, why not bring it to your home and make life easier and safer. As the world moves fast, people have turned to Smart home technology with AI (artificial intelligence) and the IoT (internet of things) for better management. This article will highlight all of the features and help you learn more about Smart Homes.

Concept of Smart Homes

Smart homes are characterized by the automatic control of all devices through an Internet connection at any given time remotely using a mobile phone or any other networked device. All the devices are interconnected via the internet and help users control functions like lighting, temperature, home theater, security access, cameras, television, appliances, and many more.

It is possible to create Smart Homes using wireless or hardwired technology. The devices are controlled by one home automation system and accessed through a primary source; a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Furthermore, a voice-controlled system is also available for handling gadgets and appliances.

Benefits of Smart Homes

We all want comfort and luxury in this fast-paced world. However, how can we achieve it? The easiest way is to opt for a Smart Home. Imagine entering a warm house in the cold winter. The temperature adjusted accordingly before you even reached it. All the devices respond to your command, and the lights are turned on as soon as you enter. Wouldn’t it make you feel good?

The list mentions the top four benefits of choosing Smart Home technology over regular one:

Interactivity: The best feature of a smart home is the excellent networking of all the devices. With excellent interconnectivity, you can seamlessly manage and monitor all connected devices from one primary device. By utilizing various available technological features, you can customize your device’s functionality to fit your needs. It helps you work more efficiently, increases the home’s productivity, and saves you a lot of time.

Remote Access: Remote access to your entire home is a real treat.

You can operate the device from anywhere. It allows you to control and keep a check on coexistent activities in your home. Countless features help you to manage your home effortlessly from one place. You just have to learn how to use an app on your smartphone and tablet.

Energy Conservation: Smart Home Technology can be helpful to you and the environment at the same time. Motion sensor devices save a lot of energy by turning on and off automatically when not in use. E.g., The temperature of your home can be adjusted using a smart thermostat, and lights can be programmed to turn on and off as the sun sets and rises. This saves a lot of energy and also lowers the electricity bill.

High Security: Nowadays, safety is a major concern. Leaving the kids and the elderly at home makes us constantly worry about their welfare. With smart home devices, you can easily monitor various activities inside your home. Moreover, you can also control the devices from anywhere. For instance, you can lock the doors with one tap; on the other hand, if you left the iron on or any other appliance on, you can also switch it off. Moreover, the system also alerts you when your home leaks or floods in real-time.

Available Technology in India

India is one of the fastest developing countries and has shown tremendous growth in science and technology. With the evolution of technology, Smart Homes are more prevalent than ever. Mentioned are the top three technologies available in India:

  • Wi-Fi Mesh Technology: This technology connects multiple IoT devices and offers smooth functionality without interruptions. It provides maximum coverage, ensuring that every device is well connected regardless of its location.
  • Smart Wi-Fi Technology: This technology enables the devices to communicate directly with the installed apps. Since Wi-Fi technology is integrated into smart products, it has become more convenient to install and use them effectively.
  • Voice Assistant Technology: This technology helps you control the devices using voice controls. It enables you to talk to smart devices, which in turn respond to your command. Examples include Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, etc.

Major Devices and Their Features

What makes an ordinary home a Smart Home? The answer is its exceptional devices with smart technology. Today, there are a variety of devices available to control every part of your home. All of these devices are equipped with outstanding features to help streamline your day-to-day life. They have automatic controllers and sensors to adjust according to your command and environment. With these devices, you can stream your favorite music, lock the doors, clean your house and do more such activities without touching anything. They are installed in a home according to one’s needs. Here is a list of some widely used devices:

  • Home Automation Controllers
  • Lighting & bulb
  • Smart locks and entry
  • Video doorbells
  • Security cameras and system
  • Plugs and outlets
  • Ventilation, temperature, and flood controls
  • Smart irrigation controllers
  • Drapery and bling opener system
  • Window opener system
  • Detector and sensors
  • Home entertainment
  • Smart Pets
  • Voice assistant and hubs
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Vacuums and mops
  • Lawn and gardens
  • Wi-Fi and networking
  • Smart garage and gate opener
  • Smart HVAC system

Order Today

Doon Projects Design and Construction provides outstanding interior design, construction, and home automation services in India. The company works with the latest technology and is taking a step towards advancement. It is considered one of the most exceptional companies in Uttarakhand for bringing and integrating world-class technologies and methods in both design and construction.

If you wish to convert your home to a Smart Home and enjoy the luxury of a carefree lifestyle, contact Doon Projects, and we will take care of the rest.