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Tin Shed Insalled in Sisauni, Deoband, Saharanpur

The shed that has been built in Sisauni village has been built at the place of former Pradhan Sandeep Rana ji. He had an open chowk in the house which had to be covered. The area was big and had to be covered on double height. Although we are residents of Saharanpur but still we were contacted through online website.

We understood his need and gave him the budget. He has his own brick bhatta, so he has a lot of knowledge about this construction and fabrication field. He has an in-house architect, he finalised the color deed according to Vastu. After the consent of both, the work was started.

Client Demand:

  • Best quality shed.
  • 20ft Height in Double Slope
  • Color in Green and Red
  • Budget Work

Job Processing:

  • We bought iron from Deoband only. and delivered on site.
  • Red Oxide was done on the material.
  • First the truss was prepared, after that the pillars were erected.
  • Trusses were fixed, all pipe ends were closed.
  • After that the purlin was welded at a gap of 3ft.
  • The sheet was purchased from Selaqui, Dehradun only.
  • In this, the gutter was first installed and then the sheet was held with metal screws.
  • Ridges were installed at the top.
  • Proper silicone sealant was applied to the shade.
  • Shed was ready to serve Pradhan ji.


  • 18 Gouge APL Apollo Hollow Pipes
  • 3in Square for Pillars
  • 3in by 1.5 for Truss
  • 1.5 in square for Perlin
  • Primer Asian Red Oxide
  • Paint Asian Enamel
  • Sheet .45mm Jindal Latest Profile


  • 150 per square feet.
  • 18% GST

Contact for your fabrication, construction and interior work at 7060-504-666 (Sumit Pundir).

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