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Partition & Interior Designer in Dehradun

Illuminated Bedroom Partition in Dehradun
Material Thickness 30mm HDHMR Board, Laminates 2 Color Matte Finish, Illumination – Crompton Worm Wight Surface Light

These two partitions that we have made in Magnolia Township on Sahastradhara Road, they became very fantastic due to the lockdown. It was so good that it was doubly better than what we had finalized from the client.

Bedroom Partition 8ft by 2.5ft in Dehradun
Base Material HDHMR 18mm, Design in 18mm HD WPC, 2 Color Matte Finish Laminates

You can see in the photo that the finishing of both has come so well because both are made from machine.
Whatever material has been used in it, it is all branded. It was difficult in a partition with light because it had to be made of 9 feet. But we did a great job and our clients also praised it. The base material in it is the hdhmr of the action company. And the light that has been used is from the crompton company.

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