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Wooden Name Plates for MB Homes, Dehradun

Something different had to be made and the biggest thing was to make it in a wooden finish which could not be spoiled even by water.

ACP + Acrylic Name Plate designed for MB Homes, Dehradun
ACP + Acrylic Name Plate designed for MB Homes, Dehradun

We did some work in a township named “MB Homes located on Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun” and the owner of this apartment building liked it, he called us to a meeting and asked us to make a sign in round shape in some wood. But the biggest problem was that it could be damage in water if it was in the wood. First, we gave them an option that we will be coating on Pine Wood and Saal Wood so that it does not deteriorate. But the option was not worked.

Then we told about the ACP sheet of Alex Brand in which the wood texture comes and sent them some photos in which the item was shown on the photo itself. The client liked it and in the photo above you can see how good the work looks. In this, we raised the letters from a 3mm acrylic sheet of white color.

Apartment Name Plates in Wooden
Side images of the Name Plates made by ACP and Acrylic Letters in wooden look


It was looking great because in this we used 1.5 inch Studds. They were used to make the plate rise up from the wall and to maintain the 1 inch gap in the middle. In this, we also put screws in the star, in which there is no problem of rust. You can see the fixing accessories in the image below.

Name Plate Fixing Accessories
Studs, Bidding and Star Screw used in MB Homes Name Plates.


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