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LED Sign Board for Complex at Jogiwala

This work has been done for the launch of a complex which is in Jogiwala, although seeing the design, you may find the work seem normal, but there is a special thing in it that the letterer in it has also embossed.

In the image below, you can see that the Ohm Sign we have designed a little better way.

LED SIGN Board for Jogiwala Complex in Dehradun
We have designed these boards for Jogiwala Based Complex. We have used Alex base and acrylic letters with Samsung brand LEDs inside.

There were two different boards board one size specifications are:

LED Sign Board 1:

  • 10×2.5 Alex Base in Matte Black Finish
  • Logo and Om sign in 8mm embossed acrylic in the same color.
  • All other letters is 4mm embossed with Alex material.
  • They did not have logo so we redesigned it.
  • Costing was INR 15,500 + taxes*.

LED Sign Board 2:

  • 10×4 Alex base in Red color.
  • Ashirwad is 8mm embossed with Acrylic material and Samsung LED light inside.
  • Costing was INR 20,000 + taxes*.

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