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LED Sign Board for Rana Eye Centre Rishikesh

The experience of working with an engineer is fantastic. And we are always happy to work with such people who actually have an understanding of design and technology. The biggest site in Rishikesh, we have set up one such engineer’s brother who is a doctor. Rana Eye Centre which is quite a famous clinic in itself. We got a chance to work for them. It is situated above Haridwar Road in Ganesh Pur. You can see the front of the building is so well designed with international standards.

LED Board designed and installed in Rishikesh's famous clinic - Rana Eye Centre.
LED Board designed and installed in Rishikesh’s famous clinic – Rana Eye Centre.


We understood the site and the biggest challenge in it was that in the low budget, a sign board was made that could cover the entire 42 feet front. After working on a lot of design, we reached a final design and we started work with some advance payment. You can see in the photo below how much this board has to do. We have made it with 1.5 inch iron pipe. It was made in pieces in Dehradun, after that an ACP sheet was placed on it and after that it was folded together and prepared in Dehradun itself.

Whatever acrylic was used in it was 3mm. All the LED modules installed were from the Samsung company and we prepared its base from the ACP sheet of the Indobond company. We also made the side of the letter with 3mm ACP sheet so that the light does not pass through it for better readability. In this, we wrote the doctor’s name by cutting the ACP sheet from a CNC machine in a box. Inside it we used acrylic sheet and LED modules.

The best thing that mede the glasses with RGB module, you can see its color completely different at night which is very different from the entire board. The weight of the board was very high, we hung the board with the help of hooks and putting Fastener and L Patti. If you also want to make a better design for yourself, then you can contact us. We do not charge for design.

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