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Led Board for Evergreen Homz, Harika Ventures Dehradun

Doon Projects – Interior Designer and Construction company in Dehradun. We have made these green colored acrylic letters for a real estate company. We have made their sides with acp so that it can be read easily. Its base is fitted with ivory colored ACP sheet which is Alex brand of Kwality hardware.

This board is 16 feet wide and 2 feet high. Its letter size is 10 inches. And all the other text which is written in black color is directly pasted with acrylic. This company has just taken its office on Canal Road. The client has great taste. He didn’t even have to make much effort to make him like the design.

Although it took time to make the logo and we suggest that the corners of the logo should not be too sharp, there is a problem in fitting the modules. LED modules of Hi-Light company are installed in this board. And whatever acrylic is, that too is full size 3mm of A-Cast company.

If you are also interested in any kind of branding then contact us. We operate our workshop on Sahastradhara Road.