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LED Board Types and Costing Estimates

The price of any LED board depends on its material and the size of it. The size of a normal led board starts at 8 x 4 sq.ft., after which anything can happen. The price of a normal board starts from just INR 15000 (US$ 200). There are two main things seen in this.

  1. The main part is the material used for the sign. It consists mainly of Acrylic, Alex, Crystal. Three types of materials are shown in the image below.  Its rate is measured according to Square Inch, not square-Feet and cost starts at INR 100 per Square-Inch.
    LED Board Material and Costing Details
    Normal size of board is 8×4 Sq.Ft. Costing is totally depend on logo or letter complexity.

    The thing to see in it is that the light goes through the acrylic, but not inside of Alex and the crystal has a different brightness.

  2. And secondly, the most important thing is its base.  If you want to cross the light from the back, use acrylic and if want matte finish then Alex will be used.
    LED Board Base Material Costing
    There are different types of material to be used in base. We have shown 4 major options.

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