Putty & Paint Work

24.0060.00 per square feet

JK Putty & Asian Emulsion Paints are our standard paint finishes. If you are looking for better options please select from paint types category. We have 3 types of ranges like; Normal Paint with Emulsion and Shyne and Premium Range with Royale Shine and last one is texture paint.

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Step 01: Base

  • To paint, the first thing to do is to prepare the base. Normally 2 coats are done to make base from putty. We all use JK putty there is a lot of duplication in all the different brands out there in the market at the moment.
  • In this the base is made in two ways. If premium paint is to be done, then the base is made from pop on the wall, which costs 15 rupees separately.
  • When the base becomes proper then it is sanded for finishing.
  • Normal putty is used for inside and waterproof putty is used for outside. Pop is not used outside at all.

Step 02: Primer

  • Normal primer is done in the interior and waterproof primer is done in the exterior.
  • The cost of waterproof products is double then normal products, even in putty and all paints, even in primer.
  • The deficiency left in the putty is visible in the primer, touch up of the putty is done to make it final.
  • Where damp proof paint is to be applied, it can be applied directly after putty, there is no need of primer.

Step 03: Paint

  • Two coats are done in normal paint and 3 coats in premium.
  • The paint is all done with a roller, the brush is used only for the corners.
  • Paints like Royale Shine require a lot of skilled labor. Normal paint can also be done by a normal craftsman.
  • On the outside, either direct Damp-proof or Apex Ultima and normal Apex paint is used, Damproof is cheaper than all and good option.


  • Interior Normal Paint Cost @ Rs. 24/sqft
  • Interior Premium Paint Cost @ Rs. 50/sqft
  • Exterior Damproof Paint Cost @ Rs. 40/sqft
  • Exterior Premium Apex Cost @ Rs. 50/sqft

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Normal, Premium, Rustic/Texture


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