House Construction in Dehradun

1,950.00 per square feet

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Materials and Process:

  1. Land cleaning
  2. Excavation & Footings
    Excavation depth upto 5ft (confirmed by civil engineer after soil test)
  3. Anti Termite Treatment
  4. PCC (Composition M15 – 1:2:4)
  5. RCC Structure (Composition M20 – 1:1.5:3)
    Iron Bars TMT TATA/Tehri Gold, Cement Ultratech, Dust & Sand Poenta, For upto G+2 residential building, using standard 9″ thick walls, we use iron rod size of 10mm as mesh bar for footing, 6nos of 12mm (16mm if specified by structural engineer) size used for column, 4nos of 12mm size used for beam and 10mm & 8mm iron rod size used for RCC roof slab casting.
  6. Brick Work
    Gagan First Quality Brick Red and White Full Size, Bhatta Landhaura, Saharanpur
  7. Concrete Flooring
    Soil Filling after drainage pipe compaction check,  BrickBallast compaction with Durmat, PCC (1 cement:3 sand:6 stone) with required slope as per drawing
  8. Plaster Work
    {Cement Ultratech , Sand Poenta) with IS Code Ratio
  9. Paint & Polish
    Interior 2 coat of JK Putty, Primer & Asian Emulsion Paint on walls, Asian Satin finish on Ceiling
    Exterior 2 coat of waterproof putty JK, Primer and Paint Asian Paints Apex, Asian Damp Proof on sides
    Natural wooden polish on all woodwork like; doors and windows, etc.
  10. Flooring
    All Tiles Kajaria (Floor 4ft by 2ft, Bathrooms 2ft by 1ft, Parking 1ft by 1ft, Terrace 16in by 16in), Chemical Asian and Cement Ultratech, Grout Asian Paints
    Rajasthan Black Granite for Stairs, steps and chaukhats, Zblack Granite for Kitchen Counter top.
  11. Door and Windows
    Doors : 1.5 thick Teakwood Frames with Century Teakply, Main door Dila Local Teak, with natural polish
    Windows : Wooden Frame with natural polish, Double side windows with Steel Jali and 4mm Saint Gobain Glass with strong grill installation in window chaukhats for safety.
  12. Plumbing work & Sanitary Fittings
    PVC Supreme Heavy, CPVC Astral
    Sanitary Fittings Jaquar
    Diverters (Range 4,000), Mixture (Range 2,500), Wallhung Seat (Range 10,000), Washbasin (Range 5,000), Overhead Tank Supreme 1,000 Litre, Tuffen Glass Partition 7ft by 2.5ft for wet area
  13. Electrical Fittings
    Wire Havels/Polycab, Pipes Polycab, Concealed Havels with 1 year warranty, exhaust fans Havels, Switch Fittings Havels
  14. Handrails for Balcony and Stairs
    Stairs: CNC MS Jali with Wood / 202 Steel Handrail with heavy material
    Balcony: 304 Heavy Steel handrail with 12mm Toughened glass
  15. Modular Kitchen work
    Material Action TESA HDHMR, Front Century 1mm High Gloss, Fittings Godrej Innotech Baskets
  16. Front Elevation
    Wooden Planks, HPL, Tile, CNC, Cladding work in Front Elevation upto 200sqft (Total budget upto Rs. 70,000/-)
  17. Time and Schedule
    8 months from the start of construction
    Rs. 500/day penalty for late delivery

Payment Plan as per Bank CLP Mode

  • Advance – 15%
  • Foundation – 15%
  • Door Band – 5%
  • Ground linter – 15%
  • 1st floor linter level – 15%
  • Electric & plumbing fittings – 10%
  • Plaster inside and outside -10%
  • Tile and paint work – 10%
  • Door and window work – 5%
  • Finishing – 5%

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Rate from foundation to 1st floor and mumty and stairs.
  2. All construction work will be done according to the architectural plan.
  3. The cost of making and passing the map, elevation, site inspection, structure drawing, electrical and plumbing drawing is not included in this.
  4. The cost of development charge and map approval is also not included in this.


The process:

  1. Initial discussion and estimate.
  2. Free, honest, and detailed consultation at your home.
  3. Detailed quote with full specification.
  4. Architectural Service including site survey and full planning process.
  5. Structural Drawings and Calculations by Architects
  6. Professional Project management, real Person-to-Person Service.
  7. Construction Phase.
  8. Additional work like kitchens, bathrooms etc.
  9. Completion and Aftercare.
  10. Guarantee.

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