House Construction in Dehradun

2,050.002,500.00 per square feet

Material & Work Details:

  1. Foundation
    Excavation upto 5ft from NGL & soil filling above 2ft from NGL. Additional charges for more than 2ft height.
    PCC Ratio – 1:3:6, Height 4inches to 6inches.
    Step footings or trapezoidal footings will be provided as per drawing. RAFT foundation will be charged extra as item cost depending on the depth and steel work.
  2. Anti Termite Treatment
    Anti termite treatment will be done with backfilling process.
  3. Underground work
    Standard Size – Soak pit (6ft dia, 8ft depth), Septic Tank (4ft by 5ft by 6ft) & Water tank (6000 Litre capacity) will be provided.
  4. RCC Structure (M20 Strength).
    TMT Bar upto 16mm, Cement Ultratech/Ambuja/CCI, Sand – Poenta.
    PCC (M10 Strength), Plinth & Slab Beam (14in by 9in, 6 bar dia 16mm, 8mm ring – gap 6in), Columns (14in by 9in, 6 bar dia 16mm, 8mm ring – gap 6in) & Slab (12mm & 10mm, 6in x 6in grid, depth 6in) will be provided.
  5. Waterproofing
    Waterproofing material for roof casting – DR. FIXIT – 301, LW+, Pidicrete URP as per requirement.
    Waterproofing work will be done in all open terrace, balconies, bathrooms and washing areas with Dr. Fixit Material (Range Rs. 20/sqft).
    Bitumin Membrane Sheet with Primer will be provided at DPC Level.
  6. Brick Work
    Gagan First Class Brick, Bhatta Saharanpur Area.
  7. Concrete Flooring at Ground Floor
    Soil compaction with Durmat, PCC (M10 Strength).
  8. Plaster Work 
    (Cement Ultratech/Ambuja/CCI , Sand Poenta).
  9. Paint
    Interior 2 coat of JK Putty, Primer & Asian Emulsion Paint on walls, Asian Satin finish on Ceiling
    Exterior 2 coat of waterproof putty JK, Primer and Paint Asian Paints Apex, Asian Damp Proof on sides.
    Enamel primer and paint on door and window frames.
  10. Flooring
    All Tiles Kajaria (Floor 4ft by 2ft Range Rs. 60/sqft, Bathrooms 2ft by 1ft Range Rs. 50/sqft, Parking 1ft by 1ft Range 40/sqft, Open Terrace 16in by 16in Range Rs. 40/sqft), Chemical Ultratech and Cement Ultratech, Grout Asian Paints.
    Rajasthan Black Granite for Stairs Range Rs. 110/sqft, steps and chaukhats,  Zblack Granite Range Rs. 350/sqft for Kitchen Counter top.
  11. Door and Windows
    Doors : Main Door 8ft and other 7.5ft, Chaukhat Saal, Waterproof Flush Doors with Veener, Main Door Teakwood with Matte Finish.
    Windows : UPVC Windows Range Rs. 550/sqft or Teakwood Windows with natural polish (Jali and Glass).
  12. Plumbing work & Sanitary Fittings
    PVC Supreme Heavy, CPVC Astral  & Sanitary Fittings – Concealed Fittings Brand Jaquar Medium (Budget Rs. 40,000 for per bathroom, inclusive pvc, cpvc & sanitary fittings). Additional fittings like Jacuzzi, bathtub, etc. will be charges separately.
  13. Electrical Fittings
    Wire Havels/Polycab, Pipes Polycab, Concealed Havels with 1 year warranty Range Rs. 150/light, exhaust fans Havels, Switch Fittings Havels Range Rs. 20/unit. Additional fixtures like; Fancy Lights, Jhoomar, Geyser, RO, Provision for AC will be provided by the party.
  14. Fabrication
    Stairs: Mild Steel with enamel paint or SS 202 in Interior with standard design – Range Rs. 550/rft.
    Balcony: SS 304 with Tuffen Glass 8mm- Range Rs. 9,50/rft.
  15. Furniture
    100 sqft Modular Kitchen with Innotech Baskets (3 Baskets), Fittings Godrej @ Rs. 1,500/sqft. (Budget Rs. 1,50,000/-). Material Anti Termite and Water Resistant material – HDHMR Action TESA, Finish 1mm Laminate on shutters / Duco Painted Shutters.
  16. Ceiling
    POP Ceiling in Master Bedroom & Drawing Area Range Rs. 100/sqft. Plain Ceiling +- in all other areas Rs. 30/sqft.
  17. Front Elevation
    No additional charges for normal elevation.
  18. Boundary Wall
    No additional cost for boundary wall upto 4ft. (Maximum length will be 30rft.)
  19. Time and Schedule
    18 months from the start of construction.
  20. Acceleration Costs & Material Price
    The given prices will not be affected by cost difference in raw material of up to 5%. If the cost of any material increases more than 5% then it will be paid by the party. For this the contractor will inform the party before the time of purchase of any material which price has increased immediately. The contractor will also present evidence for this which the party can verify from its own sources.
    Acceleration costs will be charged for additional expenses to complete a project faster than originally planned. These costs can include: Additional labor, Overtime pay, Expedited materials, Shift differentials, and Additional equipment costs. For this, considering the time limit and feasibility, an additional price will be determined which the party will pay from time to time along with the demand for existed payment plan.

Payment Plan as per Bank CLP Mode

  • Advance – 10%
  • Foundation – 15%
  • Door Band – 5%
  • Ground linter – 15%
  • 1st floor linter level – 15%
  • Electric & plumbing fittings – 10%
  • Plaster inside and outside -10%
  • Tile and paint work – 10%
  • Door and window work – 5%
  • Finishing – 5%

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Rate from foundation to ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, mumty and stairs.
  2. All construction work will be done according to the architectural plan.
  3. Staircase will be measured double in case of casting in steps from below.
  4. No duct or shaft area will be cut in the chargeable area.
  5. The cost of making and passing the map, elevation, site inspection, structure drawing, electrical and plumbing drawing is not included in this.


The process:

  1. Initial discussion and estimate.
  2. Free, honest, and detailed consultation at your home.
  3. Detailed quote with full specification.
  4. Professional Project management, real Person-to-Person Service.
  5. Construction Phase.
  6. Completion and Aftercare.
  7. Maintenance.


  1. What are the rates for villa construction in Dehradun?
    Ans: Premium Work costs Rupees 2,500 per square feet, Mid Range Work costs Rupees 2,250 per square feet, & Economy Class costs Rupees 1,950 per square feet. In this, you only get the house, the rest movable furniture and interior work will be extra depending on design requirements. The rate of the structure ranges between Rs 1250 to Rs 1500 in all constructions and it completely depends on the size of the column, beam and steel. The remaining differences are in finishing materials such as tiles, stones, doors, windows, ceiling and sanitary fittings.
  2. What is the cost of making a house plan? What is the cost of approving the house map from MDDA and what are the other government charges?
    The normal architect’s expenses are only Rs 20 per sqft. The architect has to give all the drawings like; For MDDA submission, for structure, door window schedule, plumbing plan and electrical plan. The MDDA Fee & Government charges comes to an average of Rs 40 to 50 per square foot on total construction area. If you go for 3D layout, you have to pay around Rs 50 per sqft.
  3. How much does it cost for electric and water connections?
    The cost of electricity comes in terms of kilowatt, initially for construction you are charged at least 5 kilowatt. Till now approximately Rs 1500 per month has to be paid. Connection is available in 10 to 15 days. When the house is completed, it gets converted into residential and you have to pay around Rs 150 per month + the amount of electricity used.
    Water:Water connection also comes within a week to 10 days and initially you have to pay around Rs 7000 and later Rs 1500 for three months.
  4. What to do for government sewage connection?
  5. What is current FAR Ratio in Dehradun?
  6. What are the formalities and rules for basement?

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