Prefab Drywalls

180.00240.00 per sqft

Cement Bonded Particle Board . Cost Effective Choice . Manufactured by Bison and Everest.

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For bison panel walls framing of 2in square pipe is done. Its grid size is kept 4ft by 2ft. Plumbing and electric pipes also pass through it. Electric boxes are easily cut to a depth of 2in. Special provisions have to be made in the bathroom. It is best if 1pc seat is fitted. In this, additional framing has to be done for hinged cistern and wall hanging seat. If we are keeping the water tank on top then additional strength is required for that also.


This board is the cheapest option for making a prefabrication home or office. This is not a waterproof product, so cannot expose it to rain. It gets spoiled when it rains too much. That’s why it is used very carefully. Wherever it is used, chajja is taken out over it. It is finalized by applying waterproof putty and paint on the outside.

Joint Proofing:

The biggest art in this is joint proofing, for that mesh is used and special bond is applied on it so that its joints do not open.

Liner Sheet Use:

  1. Use only metal liner sheet on that side where we cannot extend the roof. This is a coated sheet which does not get damaged by water. Its 10 years color warranty is given by the company.
  2. It is painted on the inside to make it look like a wall.

Below is our sample unit video. You are welcome to visit our sample unit in Dehradun.

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Inside Finish

Bison Walls, Gypsum Walls

Exterior Finish

Bison, Liner


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