CNC Materials used by Doon Projects in Dehradun

CNC Cutting Service

We provide CNC Cutting, Engraving and Carving service in Dehradun, Uttarakhand – India. We have best class machines and operators for this work.

There are major 8 types of materials for CNC Work.

  1. MDF / HDHMR / Plyboard with Laminates – for Mandir, Partition, Ceiling Design, Indoor Jali

    ₹65 per sqft with 12mm MDF with Cutting and Duco Paint - ₹150 per sqft. Acrylic - ₹70 per sqft (Plastic Sheet) has been used with LED Tubelight.
    MDF Jali with Duco Paint: 300/sqft –  12mm MDF (₹40) + Cutting (₹30) + Duco Paint(₹170) + Acrylic Sheet (₹60)
    ₹65 per square feet with Material. Normal Golden Paint has done by the party. For lights we have used Normal LED Tube Lights.
    MDF Jali with Normal Paint: ₹190/sqft. 12mm MDF (₹40), CNC Cutting (₹30), Normal Paint (₹60), Acrylic Back (₹60)

    MDF 18mm with Cutting ₹85 per sqft & Polish work ₹110 per sqft has been done on this tree. Light is Phillips Rope Light - ₹120/metre. Total Costing ₹300 per sqft
    MDF Tree with Polish Work: 235/sqft. MDF 18mm (₹55) + CNC Work (₹30) + Polish work (₹150)
  2. WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) / PVC – for Exterior Facade, Balcony, Outdoor Jali

    Front Facade Designed for Goswami Jewels in Rose Gold Metal Letters with Warm White LEDs
    WPC Jali with Light: ₹210/sqft. 12mm WPC (₹110), CNC Cutting (₹40), Acrylic Back (₹60)
    WPC Partition for Divine Resort
    WPC Jali: ₹150/sqft. 18mm WPC (₹110), CNC Cutting (₹40)

    4ft Width and 9 ft Height Costing Rs. 30,000/- Material: HDHMR 16.75mm, Laminate SF Wooden, Jali 12mm WPC Alex
    WPC Jali: ₹160/sqft. 12mm WPC (₹70), CNC Cutting (₹30), Acrylic Back (₹60)
  3. Solid Wood or Rubber Wood Boards – Expensive Furniture, Mandir Backdrop, Wall Decors
    Solid Teakwood Jali: ₹750/sqft. 18mm Teakwood (₹500), CNC Cutting (₹50), Polish (₹200)
  4. UV Marble Sheets – Ceiling & Wall Decor

    UV Marble Sheet Jali: ₹180/sqft. 4mm UV Sheet (₹90), CNC Cutting (₹30), Acrylic Base (₹60)
  5. Corian Stone – Mandir, Headboard of Bed

    Corian Stone CNC Work: ₹1,200/sqft. Corian Stone 12mm (₹700), CNC Engraving (₹500)
    Corian Stone CNC Work: ₹1,200/sqft. Corian Stone 12mm (₹700), CNC Engraving (₹500)
  6. ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) – Commercial Shop Facade
  7. HPL (High Pressure Laminate) – Residential or Commercial Facade
  8. Metals – Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Brass – Entrance Gate, Exterior Jali, Balcony

    Corian Stone CNC Work: ₹1,200/sqft. Corian Stone 12mm (₹700), CNC Engraving (₹500)
    MS Jali for Gate 2mm: ₹250/sqft. 
    SS Jali for Gate 2mm
    SS 304 Jali for Gate 2mm: : ₹450/sqft.