Natural Stone Wet Cladding

450.00 per square feet



Natural stone cladding is among the most premium materials in construction. In the olden days, the whole walls were made by carving stones, it gives a similar look from outside. In this, 4-inch to 6-inch cladding is made by carving stones of different colors whose size ranges from 6-inch to 12-inch. In this, it is applied by breaking a little on the wall. If there is fresh construction, then it is applied with direct cement.

Make sure to put waterproofing chemical in the cement so that dampness does not come inside the wall. In this, the cost of stone and cement comes to about Rs. 200 per square feet. On a large site it will be much less. In this, even the best artisan can work only 4 to 5 feet in a day, so its labor cost is 250 rupees per square feet in Indian currency.


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